Monday, September 9, 2013

8 is Great

It is even more unbelievable this time around how fast my baby is growing up. This better not be the trend because by the time my last baby comes around, I won't know what hit me and before I know it my kids will all be grown and gone. And I am NOT down with that. I like babies. I want my babies to be babies for a longer amount of time. Even if that means less sleep and more work. Alas, on August 31st baby Jovie turned 8 months old. We've come leaps and bounds this month. As in......

-Baby learned to roll from back to belly. LOL Most babies her age are crawling, some even teeter on walking. My lazy babe learned to roll this month. Way to go girl! (BTW, I am so not complaining about this).

-Houston we have a schedule. Most days I know exactly what to expect from this girl. Some days throw me, but for the most part it is pretty much like clockwork. Our day looks like this:
      *wake up at 5 am for morning feeding
      *Back to bed til right around 7 am
      *Play and nap at 8:30/9 am for 1 hour
      *Awake and play. Nap at 1/1:30 to about 3 (usually about 1 1/2 hrs *can be more or less)
      *Play until bed at 6/6:30 pm... for the night
Now something to mention... I feed her "real" food or baby food 1 or 2 a day. I give her table scraps (like she is a dog) at each meal. But this child LOVES to eat and will screech like a banshee the whole time if I don't feed her. She loved the french fries at In N Out and bombed on those. Loves watermelon and with only 2 teeth surprisingly chomps off big pieces. And I would say her favorite thing is bread. So, when we are eating I usually have to give her baby snacks to keep her occupied or she will inform me she is not pleased. (with loud screeching) I am still trying to focus the majority of our calories on nursing/formula though, so I try to do as little food as possible and give her food that she can feed herself primarily for practice.

-Speaking of nursing/formula I am still pretty much nursing solely. However just like Peyton at this age it appears my milk runneth dry. (Small sob) I have to keep one 4-6 oz bottle for the day to supplement after nursing because it appears my milk is not as supple as it once was and she usually wants 1/2 oz-1 oz after feedings.

-Our bed routine is fab now too. I simple lay her down and she doesn't make a peep. I swear the crying it out (somewhat modified because I have a hard time listening, so 15 min crying then a little cuddle or a shower to make it last longer where I can't hear) works wonders. Though when we are not at home it is not as easy... though I think that is pretty normal and she still sleep decently away from home. Because we do that approach within the week it works. However, we start at about 7 1/2 months and I still feed her in the night if she wakes (doesn't usually happen anymore though)
-Turns all around in circles on the ground, so I assume crawling isn't that far off... but we will see now won't we.

-Sadly this child loves TV and can easily be calmed by turning it on.

-Still loves to be held and cuddled like no baby I've known before. She is happiest being loved and held, squeezed and kissed. Making her a very popular baby around church and family. But making her somewhat challenging during mama's chore time, so my house is not always the cleanest. Oh well.

-Talking a lot more, and I swear she says "dada" and "bye-bye" though those sounds are common for everything.

-She is so smiley and happy. I think there are few times she is not smiling throughout the day. If you talk to her she will inevitably be smiling.

-She also still does the crazy intense turtle face. It is hilarious. Kinda weird looking and is usually accompanied with a big shake.

-She gets fussy for the following reasons.... 1. sleepy (lay her down, plug her with her paci and she's good to go). 2. Hungry, give her some food and she's good to go. and 3. Hold her...many times she gets mad if I leave her in a room alone or on the ground too long.

-Big time Mama's girl. If she sees me, she wants me. I love and hate it at the same time. Does that make sense?

This girl is happiness in a small, petite little package. Boy does this family love her. Peyton is her biggest fan, and she gets so excited when she does big girl things because she can't wait to play with her. Wes and I just think she's the cutest little lovable lamb and are so grateful for our 2 sweet, perfect, lovable baby girls. There is something very sweet and special about little girls!!!

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