Friday, August 30, 2013

The Quest: Part 9

Challenger: Smash Burger
Reigning Champ: ??? (Pick your favorite and insert here)

A while ago my best friends from the time I was little and all through high school and I met in St. George for a girl's weekend. Our weekend pretty much consisted of food, movies, food, games, food, swimming and more food. I was actually kind of excited not to eat out when I got home. I love these girls and love being with them, conversation is easy, laughter is constant and it feels just like old times being back together. 

While we were there we ate at a burger place called Smash Burger. Apparently it is a Utah thing because I've never heard of it but Lindsay said it was really good. So we decided to give it a try. 

The menu reminded me of The Habit or something. And I was super excited. I got their sweet potato fries but did not add the rosemary they are well known for. (I am not a huge fan of rosemary but Lindsay LOVED it). My fries were really good. I also opted for the Smash Burger, which I did enjoy.

Another thing I really liked about this specific location was they cut their straws for babies. Whenever we go out to eat I always have to cut the girl's water straws so it was super convenient and fun to see this already done. Again good ole' Utah catering to families with small children... love it!
My best friends Jill (Davey) Duncan and Lindsay Pennington. I am sure they will love this photo because we did not get ready at all this day and we all look awesome. These girls were part of my youth and all of growing up and we spent the weekend reminiscing and laughing about high school and dating, hanging out, old crushes and boyfriends. It was such good times.
This was my seat buddy the whole weekend. I had to bring my nursing baby and while she was teething and a little fussy, I think she enjoyed being with the girls too.
CONSENSUS: I really liked my burger and fries. It reminded me of The Habit and Five Guys. It was a really good, quality burger. BUT, with that said, it was NOT my favorite burger ever, and compared to somewhere like In N Out the price is a tad steep. So, I would go back, but I would not claim this place as my all time favorite. 

I also had to throw in this "gem" (in all honesty I about cried seeing myself in this photo) but I needed one of the 3 of us together. Here we are at Marv's in St. George another previous burger quest joint. Definitely not the burger winner, but a champ when it comes to shakes, malts, onion rings, fries and fry sauce.

Wish I had more pictures of us from this weekend but it was a wonderful time. I love these two so much! Thanks for making this happen girls!

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