Wednesday, August 7, 2013

In a Nutshell....

I realized that besides birthdays I have yet to post any July happenings for us. I honestly don't know how that happened, because while we've been busy, we haven't been that busy. But, Wes did have 2 summer school classes which required a lot of time, and one was online so he was on the computer a lot working. But, we have a brief lull before the next semester starts. I digress. I guess in looking at this post, you will see just how busy we have been and what we have been up to which caused me not to post. So onto July.........

I must start with my favorite photo of the entire month. Is it any wonder?
 I would explain the innocence behind this photo... but it would lose some magic, so let's just enjoy it as it is.
Something I need to point out besides the obvious: the applesauce pack stuck to her lip. She didn't move from this position for about 5 minutes. 

Next (I guess it happened first, but whatevs) was my Mama's b-day on July 1st. We celebrated at The Old Spaghetti Factory with the fam. 

Then of course was Independence Day. 
Luckily, Jurupa Valley does their big celebration on the 3rd, so we were able to go to the firework show with my family. It's a lot of fun. Maybe not as well as last year in terms of how it was run, but it was still so great to be outside listening to music and watching a fabulous show with the best finale.
 Peyton loved the fireworks at first and was anxiously awaiting the start of the show. However, as it began and got going she got super nervous and started to cry because she was worried the sparks would fall on us, that was how close we were. Really at one point Wes and I looked at each other and agreed that she was validated because we were so close it could look as if we could be hit... though we would never be. So, you'll understand why her facial expression changes in the photos below. By the end she was loving it again after I explained we were safe and held her.
On the actual 4th of July we did what we do every year. We spend the day at Salt Creek Beach with a lot of Wes' family. This year we did not have a great turn out, but the weather and especially the water was utterly fabulous. Like the best ever! Seriously.
After the beach we headed over to the Aleman house for the firework show spectacular via Matt Huefner. All the kids love this more than almost anything else from the entire day. Peyton loved it... until she fell asleep on Sandie. Jovie didn't cry once just sat and watched in awe... until she fell asleep on me.

We've also spent a lot of time in the water, so much so that we made the smart investment in a great life vest so Peyton can now swim without any assistance. She loves her vest so much she is often found around the house wearing it. Like one morning when I walked out of my room to find her like this on the couch.

Really we don't do something everyday, but we still have fun and get great photos like this. Baby cleavage anyone? We still need to have the modesty talk around here, obviously. 

Yup and one day we came home around 5:30pm and found our house like this. Seriously?! It was the middle of the day. Revenge will be ours! Dang young adults... I know who you are.

And this was taken before Wes and I went on a date while my parents watched the girls. The weather has been so stellar that we've spent tons of time outside.
 Speaking of being outside,  look at these spectacular sunsets!

That is definitely something we love about summer... the nights. They are beautiful, cool and its so much fun being outside. We went to a fun concert in the park in Riverside where a sweet jazz band played and we ate sushi, watermelon and snow cones while we listened along with some of our favorite people.

While at home the girls have been having more fun playing with one another. Peyton takes such good care of Jovie... like when she took it upon herself to hold up Jovie (mostly just a heavy hand on her head).
 Or jumping on the bed with a blanket and cuddling with her.
And wanting Jovie to sit by her while she blew out her candles at Grammy and Papa's house.
Or when Peyton spent the week only sleeping in the fort in her room and always wanted Jovie to play with her in there.
I just love this photo from their photo shoot last month, because it shows how much they love each and how they have so much fun together. 

We also had so much fun all together and with all our cousins at the circus last month when my mom got last minute tickets. It just happened we were watching the Todd children and they were watching the Brobergs, so 4 adults and 7 kids, but we honestly had so much fun and they all did so well there... until they fell asleep.

Speaking of fun cousins... look at these 2. Ugggh! I love them!!!! BTW, look at Wyatt's hands. My goodness he is one cute big boy!

More fun activities we did in the month of July.....
The Rancho Cucamonga Quakes baseball game. My Peyton was a bit obsessed over Tremor and was in heaven when we got to meet him and have her picture taken with him.

And we never miss opportunities to get free food. 
So on 7/11 we went to 7/11 for free Slurpees.
Then later that week we headed over to Chick-Fil-A for their Cow Appreciation Day where we dressed up like cows for free food.

Other b-day celebrations this month besides my mom's... Matt's and Peyton's.

And, we got Jovie's 6 month photos taken this month a little late. (I took a photo of the photo in the glass frame, thus the terrible quality but cute little girl).

Some other randoms from the month, which aren't really anything special but part of our life...

We attended a ward luau at a member's home. They have a huge backyard with a giant vegetable/fruit garden, animals, trampoline, volleyball court. President Elkins gave us a tour and let Peyton go into the chicken coupe and pick up eggs from under a chicken. A special brown egg and green one. We also had a huge real pig to eat... kind of creepy, but Peyton loved it and ate it simply because she was enthralled with it. And there was also a beautiful rainbow. Have I mentioned how awesome summer is?

Of course a month without a shopping trip to Costco wouldn't happen. And we have to have dad run and ride back out to the car with the kids.

And now to end with my 2nd most favorite photo of the month.

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Fun July! WOW! Love that last bubble head of peyton and all the fun stuff!