Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Everyday Mom....... and That's What she Said

Some of these are old... I guess I need to post more often. I also need to write them all down because my oldest says and does soooo many funny things its a shame I won't/don't remember them all. In fact just the other day Peyton and I were watching old videos of her from when she was about 18 months. It totally saddened me to see that sweet baby of mine and I realized how much and how fast she's grown. And all those everyday things I thought I would for sure remember, I don't. So sad... waaaaah! All I have are the wonderful sweet feelings that only I get to have because I had the opportunity to be with her every single day and watch her do the not so extraordinary things, but the things that are so simple and special. I can't really verbalize or write exactly what I feel but I just am blessed to be an every day mom. The mom who remembers the cute funny walk of a 15 month old. The mom who got to watch the simple gestures that made (and still make) me laugh. The mom who got to see the laughing face, the crying face and those silly tantrums. I want to remember everything and know I never will and can't. But I get to hold the memories and feelings forever even if I can't remember the specifics. Okay tangent aside... back to the funny things from my 2 1/2-3 year old. (It's been that long and she doesn't even do some of these things anymore.) And like I said... there are so many more, but I can't remember so much.

Peyton used to be in the habit of yelling, "I'm so mad" or "I'm so disappointed" at naps... thanks Daniel Tiger. For a while she fought napping, but she's back on track now. In fact Daniel Tiger (the new animated Mr. Rogers show... sort of) provides much of our everyday songs and conversations here lately.

Upon leaving the room at night she never stops talking. One night Wes left while she was is mid sentence (sometimes we have to do that because she seriously doesn't stop) and she responded with a, "Heeeeeey."

She has started accidentally combining 2 words looking for the right one, and it's funny because she realizes its funny. Also the other night she was trying to tell me about something in the kitchen and she accidentally said "in the chicken" and she started laughing so hard saying, "I said chicken mama!"

After sneezing one day nobody said anything, so a few seconds after her sneeze Peyton said, "Bleeeess me."

At the beach (maybe after at the Huefner home) Peyton goes up to Wes' sister and says, "Hey Jaime, I have sand in my bum crack."

I recently showed Peyton how to make a wish with a eyelash. A few days after initially teaching her, she had an eye goober, so she got it out and said to me, "Hey mama, make a wish," holding up the goober to me.

In July after one of the many firework shows we watched (I can't remember where) Peyton looked at me and said, "Mama, I honestly love fireworks."

We went somewhere with Sandie and Wyatt and on the way back to Chino Wyatt was crying pretty hard. Peyton, sitting between the 2 babies, looked at Wyatt and said very seriously, "OK OK Wyatt, that's enough."

I was telling Peyton, "Let's go" one day as we were trying to leave the house and she says to me, "Stop saying let's go, that's driving me crazy." I know I say that too much to her.

Wes has been exercising every night, and every so often we let Peyt stay up for a minute and do some exercises with him. One day she said, "I do jack jumpings every day so I can walk on the moon."

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