Monday, July 8, 2013

My 6 Month Old

Jovie-girl turned 6 months old on the 30th this month. She's such a sweet heart and seriously is such a fun, happy baby. Although, when she is done, she'll let you know. I laugh because she's done when she's hungry or tired. If she's tired I put in her paci and turn her on my chest and she's fine... asleep. And, if she's hungry she will dive on my chest and start looking, getting madder with each passing second she doesn't get what she wants. Then asleep or happy once she gets it. So, a pretty easy baby all things considered.

I just love having 2 girls... I say that now, though I am not sure what I will say 12 years from now. Yikes! ;)

Some fun facts about my littlest this month:
-At about 5 1/2 months she started sleeping through the night. Most of the time she sleeps from about 8ish-6ish. Every so often she goes a little longer, and once in while I still get a 3/4 am thrown in there. But heck, once in a while is better than every night, right?
sleeping on me in the dark... so terrible quality. Whoops
-Started eating food this month, and has learned to love it. Started off a little rough.
-Shakes and gets stiff each time she gets super excited. Her mouth will get into a funny "O" shape too... she looks kinda like a turtle.
-Adores Peyton. It is funny how much she laughs and smiles at her. I will think Peyton is being too rough but Jovie is laughing and loving it. They are going to be best of friends, and Peyton is just so sweet to her. It makes me so happy to witness the 2 of them together.
-She likes swimming... takes her a minute to get used to it, but we've taken her about 5 times this month and the last few days she was loving it. One day she fell asleep on me in the cold water.
-Still growls and sucks in talks a lot. But she also screams now to communicate, which is funny.
-Enthralled with the fireworks... Didn't cry once. Just watched, shook and got stiff in excitement each time.
-Still can't roll onto her belly from her back on purpose, only when she is mad. In fact, she is so lazy, she doesn't do anything really. Just hangs out until she wants to be held.
-Can barely sit unassisted and usually tips over after a minute or so if there is no boppy/pillows behind her.
-Loves this little bear she shakes and it makes noise. And loves to shake her keys over her head.
-Does the claw hand where she opens and closes her hand scratching/grabbing anything she can while she is falling asleep. Gets herself mad a lot doing this and pulling her paci out.
-She also does this big swing slap with her arm when she is happy.
-No teeth at all and none in sight.

-BIG blue eyes
-Still wants to be held a lot, or at least in the same room as us... which I am ok with because she is so sweet and cuddly.
We love this little bug, and I am so sad she is growing so quickly. I LOVE infants. I love holding, and feeding and loving my babies. And though she keeps getting more and more fun with age, my heart aches as she grows too quickly. Baby Jovie, you are a SWEET wonderful child and I love you more than life itself.

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Daniel Todd said...

Loved this post! We love this lil dumpling!