Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Peyton's b.f.f. Macy had the most fun birthday par-tay last month. She invited a few little gals to her gymnastics party and pizza afterward. I like to think that Peyton (besides her prancing run) is pretty coordinated. I failed to consider the fact she is also pretty timid and wussy, which showed in her pathetic attempt to jump in the foam pit... we will be working on that. But, the fact she did everything happily is a step up to her crying like she did in the past at the park whenever she was higher than 4 feet. Poor child has my fear of heights ingrained within (she's never even seen me get scared over it). It's honestly sad to witness, and knowing how bad it is I pity her. Luckily she is a good sport and is typically a willing participant in most things, so while she may not be the most daring she will do or try just about anything, usually with some stipulation. She had so much fun and just LOVES Macy... I love Macy too and am glad those two get along so well. It's heavenly when they play together because it requires very little from me, which makes things like the bet I did with Ryan much easier.

Oh what bet is that you ask? The one where he said I couldn't drink a gallon of water in 1 hour without puking or peeing. I did that mug in 42 min. After when I felt sick he offered to up the ante if I would puke in front of everyone. Try as I might the pressure was too much and I couldn't come through on that one. But, that water paid for the movie we saw that night while the littles had fun with a babysitter.

The 2 friends (both looking pretty funny in this photo... little elves, lol) and then the group photo. Silly children.

Gallon challenge.
 Hard at work.

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