Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Peyton's b.f.f. Macy had the most fun birthday par-tay last month. She invited a few little gals to her gymnastics party and pizza afterward. I like to think that Peyton (besides her prancing run) is pretty coordinated. I failed to consider the fact she is also pretty timid and wussy, which showed in her pathetic attempt to jump in the foam pit... we will be working on that. But, the fact she did everything happily is a step up to her crying like she did in the past at the park whenever she was higher than 4 feet. Poor child has my fear of heights ingrained within (she's never even seen me get scared over it). It's honestly sad to witness, and knowing how bad it is I pity her. Luckily she is a good sport and is typically a willing participant in most things, so while she may not be the most daring she will do or try just about anything, usually with some stipulation. She had so much fun and just LOVES Macy... I love Macy too and am glad those two get along so well. It's heavenly when they play together because it requires very little from me, which makes things like the bet I did with Ryan much easier.

Oh what bet is that you ask? The one where he said I couldn't drink a gallon of water in 1 hour without puking or peeing. I did that mug in 42 min. After when I felt sick he offered to up the ante if I would puke in front of everyone. Try as I might the pressure was too much and I couldn't come through on that one. But, that water paid for the movie we saw that night while the littles had fun with a babysitter.

The 2 friends (both looking pretty funny in this photo... little elves, lol) and then the group photo. Silly children.

Gallon challenge.
 Hard at work.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Girl's Hairbows

My good friend Svetlana makes thee cutest custom silk hair-bows. They are soft, classy and absolutely stunning! She taught me to make a few at our ward's super Saturday last year and I LOVE them.. of course the ones she made are far prettier than the ones I made, but isn't that always how it goes?! While there, all of us girls agreed she needed to make these professionally, and she finally did. So, she opened an ETSY account and is offering a discount for my followers. Go to her shop here and enter the discount code WELCOME in all caps.

Check out some of these awesome flowers she makes. Great for your hair, dress/sweater accents, children, adults, you name it.

What Happens at Grammy's........

Can be shared here on this blog.

June has been a fun month in the Aleman house. Lot of birthdays and fun days together with family.

Andy let Wes and Peyton go for a ride on his dirt bike... maybe now I can convince Wes to get something since he had so much fun.

For Brinley's b-day we did a fun obstacle course in the backyard. Winner got the prize of knowing he (or she) was the fastest and greatest in the family.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fun June

Just to finish June and move on I'm doing yet another big recap post. In pictures. Hide your enthusiasm please.

First... we went to the BEST Angels game this last month. We got there at like the bottom of the 2nd inning and were down like 6 runs. We thought we were going to get blown out especially as we kept falling farther and farther behind. But in like the 6th or 7th inning we rallied back and the crowd was pumped, we were pumped, it just ended up being the most fun game ever, and best of all... we won!!!

Perhaps the funniest thing of the night was after the Kiss Kam. The kids of course loved watching the Big Tron projector screen and after loving the kiss kam part, Peyton decided Asher needed to be kissed (she tells me often she is going to marry him), but Asher did NOT want to kiss. Peyton however would not take no for an answer. So for about 3 minutes she tried holding him down, jumping on him and doing whatever she needed to in order to get her kiss... and he fought her every minute of it. That is until we held him down and she succeeded. bwahahahahaa

 Our other favorite part was singing, "I knew you were 'Trumbo' (instead of trouble/Tay Swift) when you walked in" when Trumbo was up to bat. Then he hit a home-run, the fireworks went off and the kids went crazy!
They thought the rally monkey was hilarious. Loved eating peanuts and throwing them on the ground. And the pizza and junk food on top of it all was the icing on the cake... kind of literally.
Yea... and this girl just chilled like always. Then fell asleep.
Another fantastic night Wes and I did a double date with our good friends Lorenzo and Michelle to the Redlands LDS Temple, and Cafe Rio. My parents watched the kids for us. I got this cute photo texted to me from my dad. They took the girls to their ward's picnic and games. Luckily my other friend Amber Jones was there to help Peyton... although my parents said she would just hang out with anyone willing to help her play. Her favorite was walking the "type-rope".

 In the summertime Bass Pro Shop also does family fun days where you can go inside and do crafts, and activities. We met Heidi and Ned there one Saturday afternoon with the intention to spend a few hours there, then head over to Victoria Gardens to play in the water area. Sadly the water was off, but we let the kids play for a while anyway, and Peyton thinks any day with Ella and Asher is a party.
And tell me my kid is not the only one who can't look at the camera... she is happy to pose, but just can't manage to have her eyes look at me. What's wrong with her? It's like she thinks she is 2 or something. ;)
 BFF cousins... only 2 years apart.
 And finally just some cute, funny photos of my June Bugs.
more self-portraits
 happiest baby ever!
learning to swim and kick


Friday, July 12, 2013

Disney Adventure

I can't even remember if it was May or June of this year, but a while back my parents took Peyton to Disneyland for the first time since she was 11 months old. I'm not going to lie, the fact that I wasn't going to be there to witness her enthusiasm did make me pretty sad (2 1/2 is pretty much the greatest age for first time experiences), but what kind of mother would deny her child a fun experience just cause she couldn't go?

So, on a rainy/misty day the three of them... Nana, Boppie and Peyt, headed off to the happiest place on Earth... or at least the most expensive.

Wes and I took advantage and packed our little baby up and headed to an afternoon movie... Iron Man 3. Surprisingly the theater was packed. What's wrong with you Perris citizens?  Don't you have work, or children or something?

It ended up being a stellar day for us all!!!

But, my funny girl's favorite thing was running through the water in Bug's Land... yes, on a rainy day. And you know little kids, she couldn't remember really anything else to tell me by the time she got back except the water. But, she liked the rides, got a Minnie Mouse hat with her name and by the way she fell asleep on the way home, she def. wore herself out.

I took the liberty of emailing myself some of the photos my mom and dad took.