Saturday, June 15, 2013

While the Cats Away..........

My hubby spent 2 full days away on a "work" trip. Does it count as a work trip if you 1. don't get paid (just don't pay anything and go for experience)? 2. Go on a 9 hour road trip to Reno with one of your best friends? 3. Spend like 2 hours actually working while there and the rest of the time dining with pro baseball players and watching baseball games? and 4. Play games on the field in between innings? Yeah, I am not so sure either. ;) Joking aside, this job he has and is aiming to make his career is awesome. Like I mentioned Wes and the Bladhs are still starting the vision company. Josh has a blog with more info too if you look into it. But, as bad as my opening makes it sound they are doing exactly what needs to be done right now, and I am super excited. They trained Matt Davidson of the Diamondbacks (he plays on their Triple A team now, but is looking super promising) in Reno the days they were up there. He believes in the product and is excited by it. Josh also trained A.J. Pollock on the Diamondbacks. The one who hit a double during the Dodgers game with all the hitting and fights. He trained that morning in fact. So, I have high hopes where this is heading.

But, while Wes was gone we girls had a pretty good time. This was the first time I went days (or even a day and night) all alone. Actually, I wasn't that worried but I was saddened that I may not get a nap in, because Wes usually lets me nap during the day. I not only napped well, but Jovie slept awesome that first night giving me my longest stretch ever... I think I was blessed. :)

While he was out having a good ole' time with Josh (and driving through the night) we met my mom for lunch one day, my dad for a movie one day, went on a nature walk around the Rubidoux Cultural Center, took Oscar on walks and really just had a good time.

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