Sunday, June 30, 2013


My friend Jocilyn in the ward (ok, I may have been her Y.W. and seminary teacher, but we're still friends) has a horse. Not only does she have a horse, but she bought a rescue horse when she was 12 and takes care of it herself. In fact she is leaving to Montana in August to go to school for horse stuff. So a few weeks ago I called her up and asked if we could let Peyton ride since she's been asking me for a while. Jocilyn agreed (on the basis of getting slurpees together after.... um, yes!) So we headed out (on flag day thus the ensemble) and rode Popcorn the horse. Both Jocilyn and I were surprised how long Peyton rode, Joss said that most kids are done in like 5 min... Peyt rode for like 45 while Jocilyn and I walked next to her chatting. Luckily I left Jovie at home so we could enjoy ourselves. Oh, and I did take the girls for their "Icee treats" as we call them afterward. I settled for my daily 42.

Jocilyn had Peyton introduce herself to the horse and let him smell her and  her touch his nose and talk to him. Every time the horse whinnied or made noise, she would get so excited and say, "Oh, he is saying hi to me again." Also, I am pretty sure she is flashing gang signs, or maybe 'I love you' here.
 She did really well. It helps that this is a really calm, older horse.
 Ironically, I think she liked touching and playing with Cooper, the chocolate lab there as much as she liked the horse. These two got absolutely filthy together. As life as an almost 3 year old.

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