Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Yet another month come and gone. Yowzer! This is our month in photos.

Can't go to In-n-Out ever without this happening. It then becomes a conversation starter for EVERY elderly couple that passes by.
For mother's day we went to the habit burger after a day of work. (On Saturday that is). Can't believe how beautiful my gal is! Oh and I went next door to get her a side of beans and rice, which is one of her favorite things and one of the few I don't waste money buying her.
Spent many a day outside playing in our pool. She LOVES it!!! I love she plays alone. And the weather has been pretty nice except for the days that got waaaaaay too hot.
 Watching t-ball. We might be the crazy cheering crowd that put too much pressure on the Broberg children.... whoopsy daisy
And better yet... Hayley sent me this gem.
Yup, Slaters gonna Slate.
 Peyton and her B.F.F. Macy. 1 year apart but you can't tell.
 This one got to spend a special day with Nana and Boppie at Disneyland. Mommy and Daddy (and a little baby) got to spend a day at the movies seeing Iron Man 3... I say a win-win for us all.
 After we got her she was pretty tired. On the car ride home (all 20 min) it went from this......
 to this....
And... on a separate occasion, we found Jovie like this... 
(although I wish it was the same day, cuz' that would be hi-larious)
 Duck lips all around
My 1st is PURE COMEDY.
 chocolate fiend... well, more like a candy fiend honestly.
Best sisters foreva'.
 Yup.. May was a pretty good month.
 And, I'm not done yet folks.

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