Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Children are in Dire Need of Dental Work!!!!!

My Baby Girls

Stop growing babies!!!!
Top: Peyton           Bottom: Jovie


My friend Jocilyn in the ward (ok, I may have been her Y.W. and seminary teacher, but we're still friends) has a horse. Not only does she have a horse, but she bought a rescue horse when she was 12 and takes care of it herself. In fact she is leaving to Montana in August to go to school for horse stuff. So a few weeks ago I called her up and asked if we could let Peyton ride since she's been asking me for a while. Jocilyn agreed (on the basis of getting slurpees together after.... um, yes!) So we headed out (on flag day thus the ensemble) and rode Popcorn the horse. Both Jocilyn and I were surprised how long Peyton rode, Joss said that most kids are done in like 5 min... Peyt rode for like 45 while Jocilyn and I walked next to her chatting. Luckily I left Jovie at home so we could enjoy ourselves. Oh, and I did take the girls for their "Icee treats" as we call them afterward. I settled for my daily 42.

Jocilyn had Peyton introduce herself to the horse and let him smell her and  her touch his nose and talk to him. Every time the horse whinnied or made noise, she would get so excited and say, "Oh, he is saying hi to me again." Also, I am pretty sure she is flashing gang signs, or maybe 'I love you' here.
 She did really well. It helps that this is a really calm, older horse.
 Ironically, I think she liked touching and playing with Cooper, the chocolate lab there as much as she liked the horse. These two got absolutely filthy together. As life as an almost 3 year old.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


We have a great group of young moms in our ward. We've been having so much fun with our playgroup, our mom craft group, fun BBQs and softball games (Sauvao family you is da' bomb) and having girl's night out. I've made some great friends out here and feel very blessed.

The other night some of the girls went out for what we hope will be our monthly GNO. We went to an AWESOME sushi place and got all you can eat sushi... I ate waaaaay too much and laughed more than I've laughed in a long time.
 L-R: Heather, Celeste, Michelle, Sveta, Kim, me, Heidi and Tiffany
Table "B" had way too much fun ordering. We were def. in the know how. :) And, the food was so pretty I just had to take some photos.
I love Michelle
Another day we all met together for kids free bowling in Riverside 

 Every so often... when we get around to planning it we meet together and do some crafts. This last week we met and did a cute 4th of July craft. It was so fun and only cost $1.50, so you can't beat that!!!!

(Heidi and the girls didn't know I was taking this, but I wanted a good candid photo of our group of craft girls. We never get dressed up, so sorry its not so flattering... but you are always so cute, and no one reads this anyway.) 

Another day we combined crafts and kids and met together to make 4th of July hand print shirts for the kids and then let them play in the water.

I think they turned out pretty darn cute. (Plus this model isn't too bad either)
Jovie's "handprint" turned out as a big blob... not cute. So, I improvised.
Want. to. eat. them. both!!!!!!!!
Again, another day we met at Krispy Kreme for a tour. Tour=sucked!!! It was the same as if you just showed up and rather than just watching the donut process at the window someone tells you what's going on.  But the positive thing is we got a free donut. Whopppeeee!!!!
If your looking for a good ward family, come on out to the Lake Perris Ward. It's a pretty good time.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


The last few weeks have been busy and crazy. For FHE the last few weeks we attended 2 of my nephews piano recitals. Played softball with our ward and went swimming. So we may not have had the best lessons but we have had fun together as a family.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's Make a Fort

We made our first fort this month. My sister Hayley was the fort queen growing up.Until an earthquake happened one night while she was sleeping in one and she gave up making them. Me? Not so much. Buut, Peyton still thought the fort I made her was pretty much the bomb! She insisted on playing in it for hours, and when I finally gave up because my back hurt hunching over inside of it, she asked oh so nicely if Jovie could come in with her. So, I let the 2 play in there for a bit. 
 I had my phone in there playing nursery rhyme music on Pandora. And, when I got it back after I found all of these. Awesome. Thanks Peyt.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Pappy's Day

I'm sure every woman feels this way, but I married the best guy around. To be fair, I have heard from others what an awesome and untypical man Wes is, and how I am really lucky to have a guy like him. He changes just as many diapers as I do. He loves being home with the kids. He is far more patient than I am. I can leave him for any amount of time home with kids without a worry or having to explain our routine. He is such a nurturing, loving husband and father. His girls adore him, and I can't blame them. He is pretty spectac! So 3 cheers for my Weston to the B!!!

To celebrate this guy.....

We gave him a gift worthy of the "world's greatest pop"
pop-corn, 'pop', pop-tarts, 'pop'py seed muffins, pop-sicles, blow-pops

After church (which we went to with Papa Aleman) we headed to my parents to eat BBQ, and play "whose your daddy" where the kids were blindfolded and had to hold all the dads hands and pick which one is theirs. Because of a secret handshake our fam. does Peyton guessed Wes. Then the kids and dads played "Guess Who" with family names... my mom even included gift cards for the kids. And we ended the night with sparklers and root beer floats.

He is just the best daddy around!!!!
And I love 'im!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013


All you have to do is look at her and she gives the biggest, gummiest, drooliest smile. 
(Have I mentioned how much I love being a mama, and how rewarding it can be?)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

While the Cats Away..........

My hubby spent 2 full days away on a "work" trip. Does it count as a work trip if you 1. don't get paid (just don't pay anything and go for experience)? 2. Go on a 9 hour road trip to Reno with one of your best friends? 3. Spend like 2 hours actually working while there and the rest of the time dining with pro baseball players and watching baseball games? and 4. Play games on the field in between innings? Yeah, I am not so sure either. ;) Joking aside, this job he has and is aiming to make his career is awesome. Like I mentioned Wes and the Bladhs are still starting the vision company. Josh has a blog with more info too if you look into it. But, as bad as my opening makes it sound they are doing exactly what needs to be done right now, and I am super excited. They trained Matt Davidson of the Diamondbacks (he plays on their Triple A team now, but is looking super promising) in Reno the days they were up there. He believes in the product and is excited by it. Josh also trained A.J. Pollock on the Diamondbacks. The one who hit a double during the Dodgers game with all the hitting and fights. He trained that morning in fact. So, I have high hopes where this is heading.

But, while Wes was gone we girls had a pretty good time. This was the first time I went days (or even a day and night) all alone. Actually, I wasn't that worried but I was saddened that I may not get a nap in, because Wes usually lets me nap during the day. I not only napped well, but Jovie slept awesome that first night giving me my longest stretch ever... I think I was blessed. :)

While he was out having a good ole' time with Josh (and driving through the night) we met my mom for lunch one day, my dad for a movie one day, went on a nature walk around the Rubidoux Cultural Center, took Oscar on walks and really just had a good time.