Monday, May 6, 2013

Upland, Lemon Festival

If you like fairs, you will like the Upland Lemon Festival. However, if you do NOT like rowdy, obnoxious, ghetto high school students everywhere, you will NOT like it. So, I was torn, because I am a huge fan of fairs (food and rides) but am a grumpy old woman when it comes to teenage hooligans. And I rule my dislike for that group overrides my enjoyment of everything else there because I will not go back in years to come. If it were just Wes and I, I might, but I will never bring young children there again. Towards the evening it even got dangerous. While we were there numerous fights (at least that's what rumor had it) broke out, causing stampedes of teenage madness. Luckily my children were in safe spots, because had Peyton been walking in front away from me (which she does) she would have been trampled on. Makes my blood boil just thinking back on it.

With that said, Peyton had a GRAND ole' time, oblivious (luckily) to all the cray cray (oh yes I did) happening around us. Other young children and their parents were so scared they cried. I even hugged a sweet young mom standing in line behind us at one point because she had tears streaming down her face from how scared she was. Poor thing.

Peyton was in heaven riding the rides especially. She loved them all. I love how children make things that have lost their luster fun again. Some rides she would start with a huge smile, then it would start (she rode by herself) and her face would get a little nervous scared and by the end she was down again.
Seeing the area with the rides for the first time.
Disregard my oldest looking a little faded

 Watching one of the crazy upside-down spinny rides (and asking to go on it... nope)
My little "elf" baby liked watching everything too... in fact everything was so interesting she didn't sleep the entire time we were there.
Wes took her on the giant slide
she laughed and smiled the whole time
When it was done, she frantically tried to climb back up from the bottom. When we said no more, she broke down.
This ride was pretty funny. It spun and went up and down pretty fast. To conserve tickets she went alone. At first she was smiling so big.
But as it started going her face change from joy to a little nervousness, but by the end she was all smiles again.
Since we live right by an air base and see airplanes pretty much on the daily, she in obsessed with flying, and tells me often how she is going to drive an airplane when she is a little bigger. So this ride was a dream come true.
I wish we would've recorded this though because every time she would fly by she would get the biggest grin and wave like crazy.
Too bad she couldn't figure out how to make the plane go up and down. She didn't care though because flying low was good enough.

She also LOVED the crazy air thing that waves. What on Earth are those called? She thinks they are the "Best EVER!" and loves to wave to them crazily. (you know these things).....

The evening was also fun because we were joined by members of Wes' fam. and being with family is always so nice. When Peyton saw Fred and Sandie she ran up to Sandie yelling, "My family is here!" Love her little heart. I kinda hate myself because I am the worst at getting photos during our fun of other people besides just my kids. Oh well.

So... fun fair. Won't go back unarmed.

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