Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Undocumented

With all the blasted blog posts I do on the daily, how on Earth do I get behind? So, here it is, the undocumented of April... with lots of photos. Again.

This little girl is always pretty happy. She also likes to spit up on me a lot. But, rarely on Wes.
 One of Peyton's favorite activities is to sit next to me and take pictures. She has now mastered the art of silly faces.
 And ain't this a sweet photo of my lil' darlin'?
And some randoms of my little girls. I've said it once and I'll say it again, I have a lot of randoms of these two.
  chocolate anyone?
 This photo was after a mid afternoon shower. She was sick this day and had diarrhea all over after her nap. It was a very unpleasant clean up for me, and she was devastated. But, boy, doesn't she clean up nicely? 
 Asher and Peyton... he was reading to her. So cute. This was a rare quiet moment for these two. And looking at them can you believe they are almost exactly 2 years apart.
 Wes and I (and Michael and Josh...thanks to Ryan's knee injury) were able to go to the last home game of the Clippers. It was kind of a boring game because they blew out the other team. But, I am still super bummed they got booted out of the playoffs after the first round. Dang refs. So stinky. 
 We sat 6 rows behind Khloe K. 
 More sweet morning smiles. 
 This face is her new favorite.
 And don't judge me that I let my 2 year old eat like a puppy at a restaurant. She's eating right?
"Show mommy how do the piggies eat?"
 This one's new favorite thing is to chew on her tongue.
 Melt my heart. 
 Yes, another collage. Lovin' these silly faces though.
 Peyton always wants to be just like her sister. Not going to lie, when I have 2 crying "babies" it drives me nuts, rrr.
 Dancing with daddy and "crazy Caleb" on the kinect. 
 Just like mama and daddy after giving blood. 
These two are finger lickin' good... ere go all the finger lickin'.
4 weeks and 6 lbs difference. I am pretty sure the weight difference is all in the cheeks.
 Need. To. Squeeze! 
We LOVE In-N-Out and free burgers from the library!
 More cousins
 oh... and moustaches

April was a good month.

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Jill Duncan said...

Cute pictures April!!!