Wednesday, May 29, 2013

FHE w/ a toddler: Book of Mormon

Topic: The Book of Mormon
Song: Book of Mormon Stories (duh) ;)
Lesson: With a picture from "The Friend" magazine we talked about the BOM. How it was written, what's inside of it, etc. We discussed how Heavenly Father gives us guidance through the BOM, and how we can get help when we pray and read.
Activity: There was a fun "find the BOM" picture in The Friend we did together. Then we read a verse from 3 Nephi 17:24 and discussed. (About angels loving and teaching the little children). Then we read one story from Peyton's little BOM book for children.
Challenge: Everyday we are going to do one real verse from our BOM and discuss and then read a children's story. We talked about how we will read everyday as a family.... we have been slacking for a while, so Peyton hasn't done it with us since she was about 2.
Treat: It was supposed to be a Popsicle, but they weren't ready, so Peyton got one little piece of candy.

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