Thursday, May 23, 2013

FHE: I Can Share

Busy days and early bedtimes, so we didn't get around to FHE until Wed. night this week. Buuuuuuut, we did it, right?! :)

Topic: "I can share" (also her last weeks nursery lesson... it's always good to reinforce things they learn at church)
Song: Love One Another
Lesson: How we share with others, and why. What Jesus wants us to do, shows others we love them and want to be their friends. What we want others to do for us too.
Activity: Used her "sharing dice" she made in nursery and rolled it and did what it said. Options: I can share my toys. I can share my books. I can share my smiles. I can share my hugs. We then did whatever it said and practiced. Again, this was something she LOVED doing. And the next day it helped a lot. 
Treat: Ice cream cone. 
We also end each FHE with a family cheer and group hug! :)

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