Saturday, May 4, 2013

4 Month Photo Shoot

Jovie-Girl is 4 months old as of April 30th? May 1st? I don't really know what day to count because her b-day is technically the 31st. Anywho.... isn't she just a doll.
This month:
-Jovie has reverted in sleeping... ugh! She goes to bed about 8pm and has been waking at like 1:30am, 5am,  then again at like 8:30ish/9am.
-This could also be because we've sleep trained her to sleep on her back... finally. huzzah. In the end that to me is worth a few less hours of sleep while we are learning.
-She's a growler, just like her sister. But also oooo's and aahhhhh's a lot.
-Smiles every time you look at her.
-Poops through things all the time still, even trying different diaper brands.
-Hasn't rolled from her back to stomach yet, but rolls onto her side a lot. She is pretty happy just laying stagnant. Lazy daisy.
-Her naps are every 1-2 hours from being awake, but range from 1 hour to 2. Every so often we get a good one in, but again since back laying, those are less often. 
-Doesn't mind the car anymore and is a good sport.
-Now she is seeing better and father. I think that is why she is a little happier in the car, she can see out and her mirror in front of her.
-Loves watching Peyton, and Peyton loves to play with her. Jovie takes a lot of rough housing well too, by a unassuming sister.
-Still LOVES to be held, and is most happy on us.
-Will NOT take a bottle, which is suuuuuper frustrating. Screams bloody murder when we try. But takes a pacifier GREAT!
-Most days she just hangs out calm and sleeps on and off all day.

***Now let me show you some precursor photos from this photo shoot
Peyton helped make her sign, then wanted to pose herself for photos.
 She however, was not so thrilled when we threw Jovie on there with her. Jovie on the other hand thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.
 Then we kicked Peyton off the blanket. "Your old news kid." kidding of course. But, she got her own baby and created her own area for her own photo shoot. She had a play camera and all. 

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