Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My sister in law Sarah has a great group of girls in her ward that all have kids about the same age. So they started a joy school where they each take turns teaching preschool to the kids twice a week for a couple of hours. I don't live close enough or I so would join. However, she kindly offered to let Peyton join in on the days it is at her house. Peyton LOVES going and seems to be learning a lot. Sadly she is the only kid in our ward born in 2010, which stinks because the other kids are either much older or much younger, which makes it hard to do something similar in my area. I am so bummed about this. She is the youngest one in this group by a few months, so I worry about how she acts in terms of turns and sharing, but Sarah has said she does pretty well. They don't do letters and numbers so much as they learn about nature, work, people, and other practical things. 
One day the kids learned about bees and honey. They made peanut butter cookies with honey, and since then Peyt tells everyone about how bees sting and make honey on their bodies. She is also a little obsessed with eating honey these days.
Another day Peyton went they learned about workers and different jobs people can have in the community. So Sarah and I at the end of that week took Peyton and Willy on a field trip to visit Nana at  her place of employment and gave the kids a little practice working in an office, and taking a lunch break. ;)
Recently we took a field trip with the other moms and kids to the Living Desert Zoo out in Palm Desert after a week of learning about animals. This is a great little zoo.... just don't go in summer. ;) We had a great day of seeing animals, and playing in the water area.

FHE w/ a toddler: Book of Mormon

Topic: The Book of Mormon
Song: Book of Mormon Stories (duh) ;)
Lesson: With a picture from "The Friend" magazine we talked about the BOM. How it was written, what's inside of it, etc. We discussed how Heavenly Father gives us guidance through the BOM, and how we can get help when we pray and read.
Activity: There was a fun "find the BOM" picture in The Friend we did together. Then we read a verse from 3 Nephi 17:24 and discussed. (About angels loving and teaching the little children). Then we read one story from Peyton's little BOM book for children.
Challenge: Everyday we are going to do one real verse from our BOM and discuss and then read a children's story. We talked about how we will read everyday as a family.... we have been slacking for a while, so Peyton hasn't done it with us since she was about 2.
Treat: It was supposed to be a Popsicle, but they weren't ready, so Peyton got one little piece of candy.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

FHE: I Can Share

Busy days and early bedtimes, so we didn't get around to FHE until Wed. night this week. Buuuuuuut, we did it, right?! :)

Topic: "I can share" (also her last weeks nursery lesson... it's always good to reinforce things they learn at church)
Song: Love One Another
Lesson: How we share with others, and why. What Jesus wants us to do, shows others we love them and want to be their friends. What we want others to do for us too.
Activity: Used her "sharing dice" she made in nursery and rolled it and did what it said. Options: I can share my toys. I can share my books. I can share my smiles. I can share my hugs. We then did whatever it said and practiced. Again, this was something she LOVED doing. And the next day it helped a lot. 
Treat: Ice cream cone. 
We also end each FHE with a family cheer and group hug! :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Main Man

“I know it is hard for you young mothers to believe that almost before you can turn around the children will be gone and you will be alone with your husband. You had better be sure you are developing the kind of love and friendship that will be delightful and enduring. Let the children learn from your attitude that he is important. Encourage him. Be kind. It is a rough world, and he, like everyone else, is fighting to survive. Be cheerful. Don't be a whiner.”

My goodness. I could never express in words how much I love this husband of mine and I definitely don't tell or show him enough, and I am whiny... crap. But, I plan to start pointing out ALL the wonderful things he does for me EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. so I can not only remind myself of all he does, but also show my gratitude. He is the most helpful husband and father ever. He always offers to change diapers as I start, he asks me constantly what he can do for me. He never whines, and is a willing server to anyone in need. He is a positive person even when times get rough. He loves me right, and treats our children the way I always wanted my baby daddy to. I am grateful for the man he is and the fact that I get to have and hold him always. I love my children but I will always cherish my husband who is the single most important person in my life.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday: Twinners

Okay not really twinners, but take a look at this......
I'm sad these aren't in color (I printed everything in black and white for the party), but can you believe these were taken 2 different years. I believe the top one is Wes' freshman year and the bottom is his sophomore  But, you could pretty much take the first, photoshop the shirt to be a different color and then have the second.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

That's What She Said

Driving by the train tracks by our house:
P: When I get big I'm gonna go on that train. All by myself okay mama. And you can go in the car behind me all by yourself.
M: Okay, but I am going to sit by daddy, because I want him with me forever and ever and ever and ever.
P: thinking......... hmmm. Okay, and I want Jovie by me cuz' I want her with ME forever too.

We drove by the movie theater and I told Wes something was behind it. On the way back we drove by it but were talking about something totally different and Peyton asks:
P: Where is the fire heater?
W/A: What????
P: Where is the fire heater?
A: Oh, do you mean movie theater?
P: Oh, yeah. //laughing//

On a drive we saw a Condor or Vulture and Wes said:
W: Whoa, did you see that Condor?
A: No. Are you sure it wasn't a hawk?
W: No it was a Condor.
P: Daddy, I just saw 2 "cawks" in the sky!
W/A: LOLOLOLOLOL No honey, hawks.

Peyton asked to listen to "Radio Actude" on the radio. For the life we couldn't figure out what she was talking about, so we scanned the radio. We figured it out. It was Imagine Dragons "The Apocalypse" or "Ready to Rock You" aka Radio Actude.

She also sings the J.T. song "Lemme Show You a Few Things... about love"..... Lemme show you a cute ting, show you a cute ting... cuz' I love you!

Asked to "push my boobie" to make milk for Jovie. Awkward.

Always comes up to Jovie and in a cute high baby voice says.... "Hi, cute chubby girl."

Walks around the house with the fly swatter and goes "shoo fly hunting." Calls house flies, "shoo flies"

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Taste Test

I think we will REALLY start solids some time next month or so. But, yesterday while I was eating lunch, Jovie was following me like a hawk, with drool running down her chin champing at the bit. So we busted out a banana and gave her a little try.... FYI  my doctor said I could try anytime I wanted between now and 6 months so I wasn't breaking any rules or anything.

I don't know how much she even ate as the majority of the banana and every ounce of drool in her little body ended up on her shirt by the end. But, I think it's safe to say she enjoyed the experience of it if nothing else. Peyton did too, and was utterly shocked Jovie was eating food. I had to stop her from sharing her carrots and apples though.

Now when looking at these photos let's pretend........ my house and table are spotless. That I don't still have a Valentines picture/craft up on my wall. And that in every photo of me there isn't a 42 oz from AM/PM nearby. K? 

Monday, May 13, 2013

FHE: Mother's Day

Topic: Mother's Day (my husband planned this all too... he must really love me)
Song: Mother I Love You---- (BTW, our primary sang this yesterday, and my little nursery aged child went up and "sang" songs with them all. I was on the stand giving a talk and she was sitting with visiting Grandparents, so when all of her cousins got up and went on stage she just got up and followed. She just looked over and smiled at Asher on stage or waved really big to Wes while they all sang. Can't say I was too upset to see it all go down.)
Lesson: From ABC book we did "M is for Mother". (I know I have yet to put my picture in... whoops. Annnnd the end says always love, listen and respect her.)

Activity: Mother Says (like Simon says) to learn to listen and obey what Mama says. :)
Treat: Fruit smoothie

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

I'm grateful not only to have a beautiful wonderful mother, but to be one to my beautiful wonderful daughters. Being a mother is my greatest blessing!!!

 My other greatest blessing is my FABULOUS husband who made being a mother possible; and  who spoils me every single day... not only on Mother's Day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Flashback Friday: A Little Wes

I mentioned how I made a big 3-0 picture from Wes' old photos for his b-day. Well, as friends and family saw this photo below there was a general consensus that Jovie looks a lot like him. I have to agree. What do you think? And, isn't this the cutest lil' sailor boy ever?!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Undocumented

With all the blasted blog posts I do on the daily, how on Earth do I get behind? So, here it is, the undocumented of April... with lots of photos. Again.

This little girl is always pretty happy. She also likes to spit up on me a lot. But, rarely on Wes.
 One of Peyton's favorite activities is to sit next to me and take pictures. She has now mastered the art of silly faces.
 And ain't this a sweet photo of my lil' darlin'?
And some randoms of my little girls. I've said it once and I'll say it again, I have a lot of randoms of these two.
  chocolate anyone?
 This photo was after a mid afternoon shower. She was sick this day and had diarrhea all over after her nap. It was a very unpleasant clean up for me, and she was devastated. But, boy, doesn't she clean up nicely? 
 Asher and Peyton... he was reading to her. So cute. This was a rare quiet moment for these two. And looking at them can you believe they are almost exactly 2 years apart.
 Wes and I (and Michael and Josh...thanks to Ryan's knee injury) were able to go to the last home game of the Clippers. It was kind of a boring game because they blew out the other team. But, I am still super bummed they got booted out of the playoffs after the first round. Dang refs. So stinky. 
 We sat 6 rows behind Khloe K. 
 More sweet morning smiles. 
 This face is her new favorite.
 And don't judge me that I let my 2 year old eat like a puppy at a restaurant. She's eating right?
"Show mommy how do the piggies eat?"
 This one's new favorite thing is to chew on her tongue.
 Melt my heart. 
 Yes, another collage. Lovin' these silly faces though.
 Peyton always wants to be just like her sister. Not going to lie, when I have 2 crying "babies" it drives me nuts, rrr.
 Dancing with daddy and "crazy Caleb" on the kinect. 
 Just like mama and daddy after giving blood. 
These two are finger lickin' good... ere go all the finger lickin'.
4 weeks and 6 lbs difference. I am pretty sure the weight difference is all in the cheeks.
 Need. To. Squeeze! 
We LOVE In-N-Out and free burgers from the library!
 More cousins
 oh... and moustaches

April was a good month.