Sunday, April 21, 2013

For Every Season

In church today we briefly discussed how busy little children can make our lives and how hard it is to concentrate with them around. I got to thinking about how little I am able to do for my self, but also how much I LOVE this stage of my kid's lives and what this time means to me. It pains me to see my children grow so rapidly before my eyes. I will truly miss having an infant and a 2 year old. I look forward to what the future will bring but am truly grateful I get to be home and see my babies change and grow and love them everyday.

Yes, I miss staying up late and sleeping (uninterrupted) in really late.
I miss watching my TV shows during the days and blaring my music in the car.
I miss eating a meal without negotiating and force feeding a toddler.
I miss reading on the couch and going to the bathroom alone.
I miss lounging on the couch.
I miss jumping in the car and doing spur of the moment activities.

However, with all of those things I can't do, I get to...
Enjoy holidays all over again.
Laugh at silly things a toddler says.
Get to enjoy looking my babies in the eye and getting huge gummy grins.
Hold chubby baby hands.
Go to story time and playgroup (I love those things honestly).
Teach a willing mind and watch them learn and grow right before my eyes.
Get to know love like I've never known before.
Have my life forever changed in the best of ways.

I'm in a great season and I hope I am enjoying it as much as I should. Sure there are days when I am not as patient as I should be, and I rush bath time or only ready 1 story. Shoot sometimes I don't even read the words but rush through making up a quick story that goes along with the pictures. But, most days I try to remember how sweet my children are and how dear they are to me. I try to tell myself to be a willing participant in their lives. I remind myself to stay calm and not yell (I don't usually but I do get impatient at times). I hug them all the time, I kiss them all the time, and I hope I tell them enough how much I love them! This season will pass and I will miss all the hard times and I will miss these sweet innocent children.

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