Monday, April 29, 2013


Topic: 2nd article of Faith
Song: Opened with 1st article of faith/learned 2nd article of faith during lesson
Lesson: Adam and Eve, tempted by Satan, free agency.... discuss how Satan wants us to make bad choices and Heavenly Father wants us to make good choices. Free to choose. Happiness or Misery.
Activity: Matching pictures to actions (she LOVED doing this and we matched them 3-4 times after too). Eve: partaking first the fruit
Adam: 1st man
Heavenly Father: make good choices, don't eat the special fruit (we use words like special to make it easy for her)
Satan: Tempts us to make bad choices and be sad.
And learning 2nd article of Faith. (we will keep learning this all week, song of the week which means we sing before bed and nap and throughout the day).
Treat: Peyton's choice, ice-cream and berries... original eh?

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