Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And.... the Quest Continues; Part 8

Challenger: Slaters 50/50
Reigning Champ: Umami/ In N Out/ There are just too many good places anymore

I deemed it necessary to create yet another new category in the best Burger quest after visiting Slater's 50/50 Burger. Wow! This place is amazing and has now been deemed best NOVELTY burger. What makes this place so great and novel you may be asking yourself? Well my friends, Slaters is known for their famous burger patty made of 50% ground beef (top quality at that) and 50% ground up bacon combined to make a 100% de-lish burger. Yes, I said it, ground up bacon in a burger. I know, right?! Only a crazy person doesn't think this sounds da' bomb!

I was introduced to this place by some of the most fabulous women I have ever known... you may have heard of them, they are widely known as "The Knechts". We try to meet up as sisters (Todds & Knechts) every few months, though sometimes sadly the time in between is longer than we all hope for. And during these times of great conversation, which leaves me belly laughing and longing to be one of the Knechts, we also indulge in good food. Too bad Heidi couldn't make it due to her trillionth sickness this year, and Rachel endured what could only have been the world's longest dental examination. But, Camille, Katie, Hayley, myself and little Jovie went and had a grand ole' time none the less. And when Camille mentioned this burger delicatessen the last time we met I knew we had to jump on the opportunity, only realizing after we ordered that Camille doesn't eat meat.... doh!

But, lemme tell you, even she got to enjoy because their appetizers alone were worth the trip. Fried pickles (which I think may have been my fav), sweet potato fries dipped in an amazing pumpkin sauce (wow!) and to die for onion rings. My goodness, who wants to go this very minute? I'll meet you there!

Then came the burger selection. I'm not going to lie, some of their "signature burgers" sounded sketchy to me. But, with a few recommendations we went for the Peanut Butter and jelly burger, the Slater's Signature 50/50, and we built our own burger donned, "The Knodd".... put two and two together on that one, you'll get it. Hint: Todd and Knecht girls.

I would say the surprisingly best burger was the peanut butter and jelly burger. I know I was as surprised as you are. But the overall consensus at the table said that was the best. I for one LOVED our Knodd, pretzel-bacon bun and all. And though I left a good 5 pounds of grease fatter than I came, I would do it all over again. The food was great and the company spectacular. Please Knecht girls, let's never go that long without dining ever again!

Consensus: Go!!!! You won't be sorry you did. This is the #1 novelty burger by all means.

Building "The Knodd" (zoom in and read all the options.... bacon anyone?)
 Katie and Camille
 My sista' enjoying
 Hayley was probably busting out some ridiculous joke here too
 photo bomb... how come I never look cute in selfies?
 Our burgers... we ordered 3 to get a try of them all
 about to try the peanut butter and jelly... not overly excited, but then was pleasantly surprised
 burger baby
 Jovie enjoyed the day too


Katie said...

Oh, that was such a fantastic day! And way good food. I want those pickles right now!

Rachel Knecht said...

The 3 hours of drilling was NOTHING compared to the torture of missing out on this. Can we start planning now for our next meet up?