Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Madness

With two iPhone cameras between Wes and myself we take waaaaaaay too many photos. Especially with a little baby around. And, most of these photos don't deserve their own post, but they do deserve a place on this blog (remember peeps I print this mug). So sadly for you (happily for me), you will get to see pictures of my cute kids on here way to often. Let me put it this way, I have over 250 pictures from March alone, and we haven't even had Easter morning yet, which you know will pretty much triple my pictures, so count yourself lucky you don't have to see them all. And now, let the overboard iphone photos begiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!!

Okay so my random (and probably redundant) photos in no particular order.

This month, my parents invited us to an Ontario Reign game with them. We always have awesome seats and this game was even more fun because it ended in a shoot out. I know, just like the Mighty Ducks....The Reign players should have tried the 'Triple Deke' though and then we so would've won.
 A blimp drops coupons every so often and Peyton always tries desperately to catch one. She looks for that thing the entire time the game is played.
 And I know I brag about what a good girl Peyt is, but she is 2 1/2, and she does test us at times. Although, for being almost 3 boy is she good and easy. But, with that said she does find herself in time-out every so often. And, it does look pretty funny. (I think she is sometimes naughty because she likes time-out.....) :/ I seriously had to stifle my laughter as I took this.
 This may be my favorite photo of the month... even looking at it right now makes me want to pick her up out of bed and cuddle with her. BTW, have I mentioned we have an 8 o'clock bedtime now.... wahoooo! Now to just get her to drop the one time wake-up in the middle of the night.
 But, I would miss these cute faces in the middle of the night if she wasn't waking up.
 And with this AWESOME weather we've been having we have spent tons and tons of time outside. I love Springtime. In fact Wes fixed our broken fence so Peyt can play worry free out there now. Heavenly!!!!! I will post more on that in another post... aren't you so excited. And Peyton loves the fact she has a buddy to sit by outside all the time now when Wes or I are busy working in the yard or something. See here she is blowing bubbles "for Jovie".
 And now for thee zillion smiling/face photos of Jovie. She just LOVES to be looked at. So we put her on our legs and she just sits and smiles and stares at us for as long as we look at her. How do you not just take a photo every time she does it? It's basically impossible. Plus, don't you just want to nibble on that double chin?!
 Wes swears she is my twin in this photo.
 And she's not hating her car seat as much anymore.... hallelujah! In fact, sometimes she will just chill in long as she can see us. She likes to be part of the action, that's for sure!
I know... I want to squeeze her too.

Jovie also started sitting in the Bumbo chair this month. It pretty much started like this....
"hmmm, this is a new sensation and experience"
"Yes, I think I like this"
 And then Peyton captured this gem....
"Get me outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!"
 But, in all honesty having two little girls has been awesome. I had this feeling the other day that they specifically chose one another, and there was a very good purpose for them coming to us in this order. Jovie is all smiles when Peyt talks to her, and Peyton just adores her little sister. She runs to her and tells her how much she misses her when she naps, she always asks Jovie to "join her" at the table to eat. Peyton just thinks it's awesome to do everything together and just the other day told me how excited she was to have Jovie sleep right next to her (she thinks they will share her bed) in their room.
 They are already sharing things, like the Bumbo chair, blankets, etc. 
 Here's Peyton "sharing" her books with Jovie. Imagine my surprise when I walked out to an excited Peyton who kept saying "Jovie likes my books!" Yeah child, I am sure she loves the corners of books in her face.
My cute little blazer babes on a rainy day getting ready to go to story-time at the library. Peyton thinks everytime she holds Jovie I have to take a picture. Sometimes she asks to hold her and then says, "go get your camera mama." Then sits and smiles waiting.
Singing songs together... yeah I had a captivated audience. American Idol here I come.
I'm loving group naps. I get a nap most days because Jovie is finally settling into a schedule, and lucky for me her middle afternoon nap coincides with Peyton's, so Mama is finally getting her nap in again. And, boy do I love need them. 
 And, Peyton besides loving her sister, has been so helpful and is continuing to learn and grow so much. She is truly a joy to be with. She was reading books to me and Jovie one day. I was surprised at how many books she has pretty much memorized. It is amazing how well their little minds take in things and are able to remember.
 She is also getting pretty good at drawing and writing her name.
 She helps make her bed in the mornings. I don't even remake it because look how sweet she is and how hard she tries.
 She helps "make" dinner, eeating as she goes.
 (holy guacamole!)
 But, I do have to be careful because she has the tendency to be a couch potato. Girl is obsessed with "shows" and would watch them all day long if I let her. And she truly sits and stares at the television. I shouldn't even admit it, but sometimes it is nice when I am super tired or need to get ready or something.  She also is hilarious and the BEST sport ever in case you can't tell. She is still our little trick monkey and will perform on command still, which makes me happy. She really really likes to make people laugh and get attention.
 And this last photo is just for fun. Same outfit, different baby. (Peyton left 3 1/2 mo, Jovie right 2 1/2 mo)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy St Patty's Day!!!

From the McAleman Family. :)
P.S. While Peyton LOVED following the arrows to her treasure in the fridge. She was VERY angry with the leprechaun for turning her milk green.


Jovie rolled from her tummy to back 4 times last week. I was lucky enough to be sitting by her when she did it the first time. So I called Wes (and Peyton) over and set her up and she kept on doing it. We all (including her) got a kick out of it. Peyton wants to do everything Jovie is doing, so she chimed in. She always does tummy time with her and demands her own blanket and toys too. Jovie has also become quite the chatter-box and it may be the sweetest talking I've ever heard. Peyton always tells me, "Jovie is telling us a story mom," or "Jovie wants to talk to me." I honestly can't wait for my Jovers to grow a little more so she and Peyton can play together. I have a feeling they will be the best of friends.

P.S. She has done it multiple times since. I just have to make sure she is fed and awake or else she gets really mad at me for putting her on tummy time at an inconvenient time for her.

Getting ready....
 Set... and ROLL!!!
 What just happened Mama?
 Exploring things around her, including her hands, and how her arms work. 
 She keeps her arms tucked in tight most of the time.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Video: Buzz Lightyear

I'm usually too lazy and impatient to upload, but I love some of the videos I've taken recently. (And plan on posting more too).

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jovie's Baby Blessing

On March 3, 2013 my wonderful husband and priesthood holder blessed our sweet baby girl Jovie Noel.

A blessing is like a christening for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What stood out to Wes and I about her blessing: That she will be a peacemaker in life; Not only in the family but also to those she is surrounded by. Also, that she will be a compassionate person who will willingly give service.

As always we were running late so I didn't get any photos before church. After church we took the group photos, and then ran to my parents to get the food ready for everybody coming over. And by the time we were done cooking, cleaning and chatting, she was redressed in something "a little more comfortable" and asleep in somebodies arms. So... we again didn't take enough photos. But, it was a wonderful day. Jovie was surrounded by so many family and friends who love her dearly. And, all of us felt loved by the people in our life who support us.

Our group basically doubled our ward's congregation.
The Aleman side. We were grateful that Grandpa Gubler made the drive down even though he was just here.

The Todds.
The "Men". There were 11 men in Jovie's circle... that may be a record.

Pictured L-R: Matt, Grandpa Gubler, Andy, Ryan, Fred, Wes, John, Ned, and Danny (We are missing President Elkins and Caleb Bladh in this photo.)
Our family photo.
My little angel baby. She really is such a sweet baby girl and really easy (just wants to be held and loved). Love this cuddle bug.
And we made breakfast burritos and fruit salad for everyone after church... being that it starts at 8:30 am. And, I just thought the fruit was so pretty I made Wes take this lame photo... it's the only one we got of the delicious food.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Big Girl Bed

We are on night #2 of Peyton NOT sleeping in her crib. And we've had 1 getting up and out of bed at nap and that's it. She went straight to sleep last night, the one incident this afternoon and then back to her bed to sleep, and no problems again tonight. 

I'm so proud, she is so proud, basically we are all proud. Last night she said to me, "I'm so proud I'm such a big girl. I can sleep so well!" (She tells me she knows her letters so well... which she does. She sings so well. She eats so well.... debatable. Pretty much everything she does 'so well'). She has repeatedly said to me how she is a big girl and loves her big bed. This morning she came in just a little earlier than normal (7:55 am) and said she had to go potty.... so hopefully she will keep sleeping in, if not I will have to go to bed before 1:30 am. And now we can try potty training at night since she can get up on her own. I never wanted to because before she would wake up and read and play for about 30-45 minutes before calling for me, thus giving me extra sleep time. But, alas, all things must come to an end I suppose.

I am sure we will have problems sooner or later, but man alive, this girl never ceases to amaze me. She is sooooo easy going, but spunky. She is smart, witty, sweet, helpful, you get the point. At nursery her leaders always compliment me and her on what a good, helpful girl she is. And she is the same at home. She has been nothing but wonderful with her little sister and is just as good as can be still.

P.S. We have an actual bed/frame but aren't using it yet since the girls will share a room and the bed took up too much space. And, it is really high off the ground and we didn't want her to fall off. So in the meantime we are going ghetto. Yeah baby!!!