Wednesday, February 13, 2013

That's What She Said

We were outside one day after it rained playing in puddles, and as she gingerly stepped into a large puddle (it went up past her rain boot) she looked back at me, waved her hand and said, "I'm just being silly, don't bother me okay?"

Constantly wants me to talk on behalf of Baby Jovie to her. She adores her little sister by the way and is SO sweet and loving and gentle. She will walk up to her and in the highest voice ever will say "Hi honey. Hi. Hi." over and over, it is so sweet and pretty funny sounding.

Her new thing is that she is "not shy" which she tells me a lot. And because of this she waves to anyone who looks at her and wants to talk to them the whole time.

I must tell Wes to remind me to do things a lot because lately Peyton has been saying that to me. Yesterday for example we were playing in her room and she said, "Mama, remind me, remind me, remind me to eat dinner." She also has a hard time spitting things out so the beginning of sentences are repeated often, over and over.

A little obsessed with baby Jesus still (since Christmas). Yesterday she wrapped up her elephant head blanket and said it was Jesus. She then told me I was Joseph and she was Mary and we had to act like the 'elli' was our baby. Again she told me to be quiet and not "bother" the sleeping baby. Another day she came out of her room draped in clothes on her head and arms and found me in the kitchen and told me she was Joseph, Jesus' dad.

Favorite undies are boys 'Incredibles.' She peed during nap one day at my parents and I didn't have an extra pair, and luckily one of the little boys left a pair there that we used. Now she wants to wear them everyday. I may just go buy a pack of boy's super hero unders at the store.

We introduced her to Toy Story. She loved it. Especially Buzz Lightyear. She runs around the house, stores, parking lots, etc with a fist in the air saying, "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue, and beyond!" She makes Wes and I say to her, "Buzz I am your father," in which she will respond with a "NOOOOO!" She also has this flossing Zurg thing, which she loves to play, catch etc with. Except she calls Zurg, Jerk, because she can't say it. So all day, she is saying, "Oh,  thanks Jerk. Wanna play catch Jerk? Oh, let's go sleep Jerk."

Every animal, made up friend, and pretty much everything is called "Gokie." On Ryan's Valentine she was insistent I write, "You are the Gokiest!"

One morning while playing in her bed I heard her over the monitor saying, "When I was a little girl I always, always, always cleaned the toilet.

Ryan did something or scared Peyton and all I heard from the other room was.... "Ryan you freaked me out."

On our way home from my parents Peyton was telling us about her owie on her eye (another blog) Peyton was unhappy about putting on medicine and a band aid and she said to me (as I insisted that we had to do both) that doing these things, "makes me feel sad."

At Ashleigh and Andy's house she was sad going to bed. She has learned how to crawl out of her pac-n-play, and Wes put her to bed downstairs. About 5 min. we adults were upstairs talking and she comes up (after crawling out) and says with her hands up in the air and so happy and excitedly, "SURPRISE!" Then knowing she was in trouble she broke into sobs. It took everything in us to not crack up.

She one day wanted Wes to sing princess songs with her, so she came up to him and said, "You are a princess, I am a prince. Do you want to sing and put your arms on my arms?" Like hold each other as they sing... so darling.

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