Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Finale

And the rest of our January (read baby Jovie) in photos. Boy don't I wish I had a real camera!
In no real order... other than how they uploaded:

Peyton the chocolate faced gal, lovin' on our dark chocolate covered blueberries. Yummers!!!

Seriously, is there anything better or sweeter or cuter than a sleeping baby? I'd argue not.

"Peyton the Pensive"

 We had a great day last Tuesday. Free breakfast at Chick Fila, followed by playing for a bit at the McDonalds play place and finally Wreck it Ralph at the $2 theater. It was such a fun day and both girls did AWESOME! Peyton was super good during the movie and Jovie slept the entire time.

Can playtime get any lazier? Kicking the letter magnets. 

Bath-time for both my cuties.

Peyton ran out to us one day looking like this and said, "I'm Joseph." (Jesus' dad)

 On Martin Luther King Jr. day the family hiked Mt. Rubidoux. Wes couldn't make it so my super bro helped push Peyton up... since I had just had a baby 3 weeks earlier and Jovie wanted to be carried in the sling up as it was. Oh, and he also pushed his 2 kids and Asher most of the time as well.

More sleeping baby... and a tired mama too.
I see you!!! 

On our way to get photos taken we got to use the umbrella walking through the rain. Peyt did not want any help, but could barely hold this bad boy up.

 Best way to get a 2 1/2 year old to take her toys to her room and help clean is by making a cardboard car and having her "drive" them "home."

We've found one way to get Jovie to stop crying or calm down is by holding her like this. Funny huh? She will be angry and we hold her up and she instantly falls asleep.

Just some more of my cute lil' baby.
 Don't worry if you look closely you can see her little face peeking out.
And some more fun faces.

We get our hair did a lot by this little girl. Here she is doing daddy's hair... maybe she should look in a mirror. Or maybe her hair is why Wes looks so nervous. :)

One night for family night we heart attacked our house. It was so fun. Peyton loves our heart mantle now. 

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