Thursday, February 28, 2013

Being A "Mindful Mama"

My sister in law Sarah started a group once a month that meets together and discusses ways we can be better moms. Each person shares ideas, discusses books and blogs and comes up with clever ways to be better (not to say we think we are bad right now, but of course, we can all be better). Recently she started a blog where she shares links and ideas to be better moms. I thought I would share this and then extend an invitation to friends who have a desire to be better moms to come to the mtgs. Please msg me or leave a comment and I can give you more info if you are interested.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Peyton's 1st Haircut

Yes this is no joke. I know Peyton is almost 3 and most of you probably got to give your girl a haircut at 6 months, but I don't call Peyton a cotton-headed-ninnymuggins for nothing. This girl's hair is Ca-razy!!! It is fluffy, unruly, nappy, not curly and not straight and always uneven. I attempted to trim it a few months ago, but like I said it was no help. There is a reason it is usually pulled back and that is because once it drys it looks like an 80 year old lady with an old perm.

So we took her to a professional, good ole' Aunt Ashleigh. I have emphasized numerous times only Ashleigh can cut her hair since she went to school for it. I am just waiting for a hair cutting incident because she is totally at the age for it. Bur, so far so good, and she seems to understand hair cutting is a no-no.

Once again she was a real champ and really enjoyed getting her haircut. She liked sitting in the hair cutting chair, and having Grammy talk to her like a robot and feed her peaches. I love the new do. However, even with a few inches removed, it is still just as cotton headed looking. I just hope as she grows and matures, so will her hair... for her sake :)


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love Day

 Ahhhh sweet love. I love Valentine's Day. Not for presents or chocolate or anything, but I love saying I LOVE YOU to all the people who mean so much in my life. I think the very idea of celebrating special people is so fun. Wes and I had our first kiss on Feb. 7th, 2005, and spent our first V-Day together 1 week later and since he is the only person I have ever had a romantic V-day date with it means even more to me, and is a great way to remember that first fun year together 8 years ago.

This year I finally put together some decorations for my house. I've never had decorations for the little holidays so this has been fun.

For family home evening one night we heart attacked one another by writing love notes to our family members and then taping them to the mantle. The look of this makes me so happy.
 And, some girls in my ward have starting a craft night a few times a month and it has been a BLAST! It's like Super Saturday without the hassle and I love these girls so much. I will have to take a photo of them all next time we craft. But, we have done some fun things for the house this month for V-day. (Thanks Michelle and Kim). Here are a few of them......
 I also try to do some fun things with Peyton during the evenings. Since she naps late and it gets dark early I have to find things to do in the house, besides watching shows which she would want to do everyday all day if I gave her the chance.

So... here is one (I did a similar one last year too).
We did this one on V-day night as I got dinner ready... I must say I didn't touch one of those candy hearts either. Isn't she talented?!
And since I have 2 cute girls I wanted them to have cute matching shirts for our celebrations. So I found the EASIEST tutorial on pinterest for these cute heart shirts. And since it called for glue (ok it called for fabric glue, but since I am the glue-gun queen I chose a glue-gun). And I think they turned out FAB! So easy too, so it's a win-win. Actually it's a win-win-win since I had some extra ribbon and could make a cute bow. 2 really, but one I did with all tulle.
my little model
And, my 2 cuties wearing their mama made shirts on Valentine's Day.
Valentines Day morning I woke up and ran to the grocery store for a few items for the family. I got Peyton the things she would like the most. A few pieces of candy to go in her mailbox and her favorite thing... balloons. (Stupid balloons are expensive, but since I waited in line for forever with every dumb high school student around, by the time I checked out and saw the total I didn't even care I just wanted out. However, I got a good laugh on the way home when I saw a boy carrying his insanely large homemade Valentine (with the help of a buddy) to school. It was a huge sparkly throne chair with 2 bears on it. It was ridiculous and gaudy and perfect in every way, I just wish I would've gotten a photo. Oh, and I wish I could've seen her reaction). Anyways, continuing on.... balloons and her mailbox (thanks Taryn for the tip on mailboxes at Target)....
 I did 2 pieces of candy and a soda for Wes, more for him to know I was thinking about him than anything. I sure love that guy!
 Than that afternoon after running some errands, which knocked one of my Valentines out...
 We went to a sushi joint for all you can eat. It was the bomb. Plus, they treated my little Peyton soooo well. They gave her a teddy bear and rose sucker. They talked to her and complimented her. The food was wonderful too, so it was a good time. We like lunch dates so much more on holidays too.
Aren't they both gorgeous. I LOVE this photo.
We then came home and relaxed. I had BIG plans of making an extravagant dinner and dessert for my hunny, but since we were both stuffed I went with just dessert. But, I still made a fun dinner for Peyton which included: soda (which was fun for her in and of itself), a heart shaped grilled-cheese, heart shaped strawberries, a cutie, and a mini heart shaped rice krispy treat, all eaten by candle light.

 One of our all time favorite desserts EVER is Ruth's Chris Berries and Cream. Oh it is simply divine. Well, I got online and found a recipe that is a copy cat (supposedly posted by a Ruth's Chris chef. And even though the recipe totally intimidated me, I tried it. And, it was soooo good. Tasted just like it. Oh, I will definitely be making it again. I am so proud of how it turned out, and can't wait to share it with others.
 Isn't it pretty? 
 Hope your Valentines Day was full of love!!!!! Mine sure was.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And, 3 Stitches Later....

One rainy, stormy afternoon there was a little girl playing in her pajamas inside her house. Her mother had just finished making her her favorite lunch, noodles! As her mother came to get her and put her in her chair to eat, she went and hid and asked her mother to count, "one-two-tree, find me." Her mother (who loved her dearly) thought, well what's the harm in playing for just one minute before lunch. So, she went and peeked over the couch to find her sweet little girl hiding crouched, head down and laughing.
 So... her mother tickled her and then ran away waiting for the little girl to find her. The little girl counted and then went in search of her mother. As she found her the mother jumped up to tickle her again, so the little girl shrieking with laughter ran away as fast as her little legs could carry her. She jumped up on the couch and began climbing over (back to her original hiding spot). Her mother, watching her frantically climb, thought to herself, hmmmm, this could be bad. But, since behind the couch is where they store their extra pillows and blankets she thought, well, even if she falls it will be a soft landing. But, boy was she wrong. The little girl leaped over the couch and went face first into the edge of the windowsill.
No hands or anything to break it. Her face was the first to hit. The very image still makes the mom sick to her stomach. The mom rushed over and grabbed her precious little girl and held her tight. The daddy, who was watching the whole episode rushed over to help and pulled the little girl's face back to check for damage. As her head came back both the mom and the dad knew it was bad and would need professional, medical help. So.... the dad rushed to get ready (since it was a rainy day the family was still in P.J.s) as the mom tried to help. Sadly, she too was a little traumatized by the whole incident and probably more trouble than help as she blubbered and shook trying to put a band aid on, etc.

 The little girl got a sucker at home to be a brave girl and stopped crying. The daddy took her to the closest Emergency Room and they were instantly seen. The girl's dad said she never cried again, and only got close as the Dr poked and prodded around the eye socket to check for any other damage. The Dr then put on a gel that numbed the area (thank goodness not a shot) and the girl waited for 20 min for that to take effect. Though she was still a little sad she managed to smile for the camera so her dad could send it back to a very sad and guilt ridden mom to try to make her feel better. Try being the key word since the mom felt awful and guilty about the whole thing.
 After the 20 min expired, the girl laid in a bed with her daddy laying next to her. He put an episode of Diego on his phone for her to watch and while the Dr put in 3 stitches she laid VERY still, never moving and watched her show very calmly as if she didn't know what was going on. Because she was such a brave girl she got an ice cream cone on the way home. She even came home smiling and laughing, and was ready to play again.
However, her mom and dad are now feeling very over-protective. But alas, such is life.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dress Up

Peyton is quite the character and is always keeping us entertained. She constantly comes out wanting to wear or wearing the cutest, funniest things. I can't help but comply. Man having kids is hard but it sure is fun.... and hi-larious. Especially when they are this cute.

Hayley bought this Hello-Kitty shower cap (for herself, but it was too small ;) and Peyton LOVES wearing it in the bath. Don't you love how it gives her a Neanderthal brow?
Showing off her "Nana pants" at home. Anytime I pull her pants up she laughs and runs around the house yelling "Naaaaannnnaaaaa paaaants"
 Rudolph nose, wings, necklaces and bracelets, oh my!
 I have no words. I must excuse myself so I can find this girl and squeeze her now.
 Wes' mom recently found his Teddy Ruxpin that he had as a child. It has since become Peyton's B.F.F. She donned the hat and sat with her arm around ole' Teddy for a good 15-20 min while she watched show.
 At my parents. Wearing her Tinkerbell outfit. Watching AFV. Could life be any better?

Week 6

Whoa... where on earth does the time go? Last Monday was Jovie girl's 6 week milestone. I just can't keep up with all the fun we've been having.

-This girl is still such a sleeper. She usually gives me between 5-6 hours most nights... give or take about 1/2 hour. And still will only sleep on her tummy. Is starting to take a paci though. :) I would honestly say she sleeps about 18-20 hours still most days. Her longest stretches of wakefulness are usually at night. She is up until about 11 most days with us.
-Much more serious than Peyton was at this age. We have just started to get smiles this past week, and they are not easy to get... maybe she likes how hard we try. Or maybe it's 'cuz she sleeps so much she doesn't have enough practice.
-Has a terrible old man receding hairline. It looks like her hair is running away from her face, and the worst part is that the hair in the back is long and dark, which just calls attention to the badness in the front.
-Has the cutest dimple next to her mouth, which we see when she smiles or cries.
-Currently fighting off her second illness in her little life. :( I hate how she suffers and how I can't do much to help... we just keep on suctioning and I have her sleep on my chest so she can breathe.
-Starting to talk and coo more... during the short intervals when she is awake.
-Blows out of an outfit a day most of the time... gross but funny.
-Loves having one eye closed and one eye open. We call it her Popeye look.
-LOVES to be held. I am soooo happy I have a sling for this girl.
-Pretty easy going, especially if she is being held.
-Getting cuter and chubbier everyday. We all just love her to pieces.

Some random photos from wk 6.... I need to get caught up here. Man o' man.