Sunday, January 6, 2013

The 7 Year Itch

8.5 years ago I met a boy right after his mission. I was pretty set on my dream life, which meant finishing school, including studying abroad. I was considering a mission or living abroad for a while, traveling the world, and then around 25 years of age looking for a spouse. I was pretty set on not dating anyone seriously because of this too. Little did I know that very few of those things would happen, and my life would be forever changed by this funny return missionary I had just met.

After months of a great and close friendship, I found myself very attracted to this guy, and finding myself wishing to be with him all the time and missing him while I was away. So, I gave in and we started dating.

I did go studying abroad in London in 2005 and at each new place I visited or any neat thing I saw I would wish I could share it with Wes.

I came home and found myself discussing marriage... what?! I was still only 20 years old.

After reading my patriarchal blessing over again, I knew the most important thing I would ever do and be in this life was a wife and a mother. Knowing that, I knew the best person I could do this with was Weston Blaine Aleman. So on September 3, 2005 when he surprised me with a proposal the only answer that felt right was yes!!!

Since then we have had ups and downs, joy and sorrow, new beginnings, new jobs, new challenges. We have welcomed 2 little girls into our life and wept with joy over them. We have grown closer than I ever thought possible and have fallen deeper in love each day.

I married my best friend. I married an amazing man and an amazing father. He treats me with respect, kindness, loyalty and love each and every day. He serves me and flatters me, and truly loves me. I am grateful to have him. I am grateful he was willing to be my eternal companion.

And while we won't be able to do a lot for this anniversary... what with having had a child 6 days ago, I can't imagine a better way to celebrate than surrounded by those we love with all our heart, together in a happy home!

Happy 7 years!!!!


Hull Family said...

Happy Anniversary!
Congrats on your new baby GIRL! I so thought it was going to be a boy. I LOVE her name, so precious! I hope you all are doing well and adjusting to TWO kids. Two kids really is awesome, you'll love it.
Can't wait to meet baby Jovie.

Todd Family said...

This post was beautiful! Why did i get teary eyed?! lol You guys are so cute and I wish we lived closer because the more I see your post the more I think we would have so much fun together! You have a beautiful family and I feel you on celebrating your anniversary...on Kev and mine 5th we had Z 9 days before. He went to a Jazz game with family and I watched the game on TV. (p.s Jazz really should have beat the Clippers on our home turf. we went to that game. but i guess of any team to beat them...i'll take the clippers.) :)

oh and thank you for the compliment of my last post. :)