Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The 1st Week Home.

Wow! I cannot believe how tired I am! Jovie is a good baby, but Peyton was an exceptional baby. So... I never knew how tired a newborn could make one. I never went without sleep even when Peyt was a newborn. Now, I feel tired almost all the time. I am getting about 2-3 hours of straight sleep now, which is better than the 1-2 I was getting last week. Jovie sleeps all day and is now doing better at nights. The first week she wanted to be held all the time. Most nights I would sleep with her on my chest just to get any sleep... but moms, we all know how that goes right? And after trying about 20 different positions, swaddled, not swaddled, laying flat, laying propped up, etc. I finally found a way she likes and she now will sleep by herself. Hallelujah! She prefers NOT being swaddled, laying wrapped in a soft comfy blanket, and sleeping in the boppie. I just love this little girl so much. She is a doll baby. She only cries when we take off her diaper and use cold wipes, and that's about it. Otherwise she grunts when she is upset and is overall pretty chill. Keeping our fingers crossed that this stays the same and she is like Peyton.

Peyton is awesome with her. We could tell for the first few days home she was a little out of sorts, but that could be from being spoiled by grandparents. Now she is fine again. She loves "little sister" (as she calls her) and always wants to check on her. She talks to her, and tries to comfort her often if she makes any little noise. She is excited to see her in the mornings, has to give her kisses before bed at least twice, and is overall really kind and gentle (though not overly aware of her at all times, which can be a problem). She is also a really good helper to me. 

We came home from the hospital on Tuesday night and had to go to the pediatrician on Wed morning. In the 2 days following her birth she lost 9 ounces... she seriously can't stay awake long enough to eat and was not feeling well in the hospital because she swallowed gunk inside me. She also had a hard time latching, so in the beginning nursing was a challenge. She also had a little jaundice. So, we had to make yet another apt for Friday. Luckily she gained back 4 ounces in those 2 days (milk came in and she finally got eating down, though she still has a hard time staying awake) and her jaundice was not an issue. Besides that we've only gone out of the house a couple of times, and she loves the car seat and driving.

We've had lots of visitors here and as I said before our ward has taken such good care of us this last week. We've not been living real life it seems. We are tired, Christmas decorations are still up, we've let Peyton watch way too much TV, and each day seems like a blur where I wonder what on Earth we've done. Luckily, I feel great, and feel like things are starting to feel a little more normal and with Wes being home with me this transition seems so easy... luckily.

Not in order.... but......
Wes and Jovie. She looks like a cute little ball on his chest.
 In the hospital... day 2
 Meeting baby Wyatt. He was born on 12-3-2012, she was born on 12-31-2012.
She was 3 days old here.
 Day 4
 Father-daughter and Mother-son... though they did switch babes for this picture
 The Sunday before I was scheduled to be induced (the day before) we decided to bring Peyton to the Dr because she was still sick after 2 1/2 weeks. We planned on going to church after, but it took forever.
 Michael came to visit. Day 5
Good big sister Peyton

 Yes, I look how I feel... tired and frumpy.
 Daddy and his girls
 To say Ella is a little obsessed is an understatement. It's really sweet.
 Jovie makes the funniest faces all the time. Sleeping or awake her faces are crazy. Usually if she is awake she has furrowed brows. Peyton's were always raised. We laugh about her faces all the time.
Cute little smile and notice that dimple. Funny place but it is so darling.
 Like I said she always has to watch out for her... this is an early morning picture, thus the ensemble. But, if you look closely you may notice that both girls are smiling. Makes me so happy looking at this photo.
 Peyton was talking to Jovie and reading to her.
 Day 8... lots of lovin' from big sister.

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Heidi Broberg said...

Very cute!

And YES my kids are still asking EVERY SINGLE DAY if they can go to Apey's house. But after our 5 day in a row overhaul and with Tate being so sick still I am nervous. So soon. Ps they had a toy for Peyton (wrapped, new) and in the ER with Tate I had nothing so I had to unwrap it and let him have the powerpuff girl...sorry Princess Pay Pay