Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lemon Pasta with Chicken

I made this meal tonight, because everyone in the family LOVES it!!! I got it from my sister in law Jaime, and this has fast become a family favorite. It is soooo easy, fast, the ingredients are simple, and like I said everyone eats it, even a little 2 year old who doesn't eat much willingly. So, without further ado the recipe:

-1 lb penne pasta (I use rotini a lot too-actually prefer it)
-1 can of chicken (can use tenderloins too 2-6)
-salt and pepper
-3 cloves of garlic
-1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
-3 Tb olive oil
-2 lemons juiced (I use bottled juice to taste)
-1/2 c grated fresh parmesean

These are the actual ingredients, I have played with them and made it a little differently by adding more cheese and different kinds like Asiago, Mazithera, etc all together. (We like a LOT of cheese). I also add more olive oil after to make it a little juicier. (And a little less healthy).

Boil pasta el dente style. Meanwhile, saute the garlic and pepper flakes in oil until slightly browned. Add chicken and pasta and toss with lemon juice and cheese (here you can add extra oil if wanted) add salt and pepper to taste.

That's it. And I promise you won't be disappointed!!! Enjoy!!!

Our leftovers from dinner.

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