Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback Friday: Sisters

I am really excited for Peyton and Jovie to have one another as they grow up. I found this gem the other day and was reminded of the fun Hayley and I had growing up together. She was my built in best friend. We are 20  months apart, and I will be forever grateful I had her as my sister as a child. She gave me confidence to do things I never would have otherwise, and we did a lot together. We shared a room for most of our childhood, did EFY, children's theater  sports, playing outside, etc. I even threatened to beat up a few kids in elementary and Jr. High for her. You're welcome little sister. :)

and yes... that is my same blanket. :)

Disclaimer: I love all siblings, but Heidi is 5 years older than me, and as children, I was more of a pest to her than friends. It wasn't until I was about 17 that we became close. And we did have fun as adults together... double dating, singles ward, family ward, etc. Danny same thing, not until after he returned from a mission did I really get to know him.


The Hull Family said...

April, you do such a great job keepin your blog up-dated and current, I love it!! Ever since we have moved I have been having a hard time getting my blog back on track, but you, my friend are my inspiration!
I'm sorry that you guys aren't getting a lot of sleep. Preston wasn't a great sleeper either. We finally discovered that he liked to be curled up when he slept, so we kept him in his carseat all night next to our bed....worked like a charm. He slept in that thing until he was 3 months old!! You gotta do what you gotta do I guess!

Allison said...

I always looked up to both of you and just thought you two were the absolute coolest! I always wanted a sister growing up and seeing the Todd girls together definitely didn't help me feel any better- you always seemed to be having so much fun and I wanted a buddy to be just like you two! Don't worry, I've dealt with it. :)

Heidi Broberg said...

Sista Sista (we always had that going for us...ha ha ha)

Funny thing is I TOTALLY remember you 2 looking exactly like that!