Sunday, January 20, 2013

Date Night

As I previously mentioned our anniversary was January 6th... 6 days after Jovie was born. So on our anniversary I was still wearing sweat pants and no bra everyday and the mere thought of going out was not realistic .. other than for must have items and true necessities (like a soda or something). ;)

But, last Monday (almost a week ago now) we decided to celebrate. And boy howdy did we!?! And, it was awesome. Sure we had a stow-away, but that was okay. My parents watched Peyton for us and I got to get ready (for pretty much the first time in 2 weeks).

We stayed true to tradition and first had dinner at Benihana... which NEVER disappoints  We were seated by a lot of nice people who were very understanding and happy about having a cute 2 week old baby at their table.

After some deliberation we went to the movies near my parents house where we double featured The Hobbit and Les Mis. I know what you are thinking... that we are crazy for sitting through 2-3 hour movies back to back... literally. But, the way Wes and I looked at it was we would either be sitting up at home with a baby all night in bed hoping to sleep, or we would be sitting up with a baby enjoying 2 wonderful movies and enjoying ourselves since we wouldn't be sleeping anyway. I think we chose wisely. Plus, we only have a small window where it will be easy to go to a movie with a baby, or really to a movie at all in the next little while. I am not going to lie, a little into the second movie I was happy for the small can of caffeinated soda I had brought with me. ;)

But, needless to say, we had a good time celebrating our love with a night out. And, I think Jovie enjoyed herself too... she was pretty darn good the whole time. Until year 8!!!!

Preparing to leave... Peyton also had a good time with Nana and Boppie. I am sure she drank too much soda, played too many games on the phone and got her way-way too much... but what else are Grandparents for? 

And, our yearly photo... Benihana 2013

Past anniversaries...

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