Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012: A Year In Review

I know I'm a little behind here, but I think I have a pretty good excuse. Plus most all of my free-time I spend trying to catch up on sleep. Even now I write this with a baby curled up and asleep on my chest... heaven. Yet the only reason I can really do this is because Wes took Peyton out running errands with him. It sure is a challenge having a small baby and trying to make a 2 year old feel as though nothing has changed and she is still #1. But, I love having a list-like post of the things we did in the year lest I forget my many, many blessings. So without further ado.....

- Celebrating our 6 year anniversary
- For said anniversary spent a glorious weekend in San Francisco having the time of our lives together. Have I mentioned what a joy being with my husband is? Peyton had fun too with lots of different family members who each took turns spoiling her.
- Peyton turned 18 months old... which meant nursery at church!!!
- Celebrated the Chinese (Lunar) New Year in Riverside.
- Had fun exploring different recipes, crafts, ideas from Pinterest... which has changed life as we know it. Kidding, but only sort of. I no longer have to be creative, other people do that for me now. :)
- Spent my 8th Valentines Day with the love of my life
- Wes continued his work as a vision trainer and decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in  Kinesiology (aka, P.E.)
- Wes and "the Todd boys" spent a day out deep sea fishing
- Welcomed a new nephew into the family... Tate Michael Broberg
- Had fun with a growing child learning new things, celebrating different holidays and having new experiences. Like: a day at the beach, fun at a child's museum, playing outside, painting, drawing, etc.
- Had a wonderful Easter, which also happened to land on my 27th b-day.
- Wes found himself 1 year away from 30.... yikes, he turned 29!
- I was able to rejuvenate myself with a weekend away at Women's Conference in Salt Lake with my mama, and my SIL Sarah and her mom. It was wonderful and needed. :)
- Was able to cheer up close and personal for our favorite basketball team, The Clippers, at quite a few games in the Staples Center. Even making it on the Kiss Cam (wipe that off my bucket list).
- Attending the Carlsbad Flower Festival and March Air Force Airshow
- Had fun at a few baseball games.... for both the Dodgers and the Angels.
- Finally took Wes to the Ghetty in L.A. (and Sandie)
- Had a wonderful mother's day.
- Found out we were expecting a baby... in December of all times.
- Had fun with our playgroup doing a number of fun activities: including, park days, different parties, Amy's farm, Oak Glen, etc...
- Gave Wes a fun Father's Day
- LOVED 4th of July... Peyton is still obsessed with fireworks
- Volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house in L.A. 1 year after Willy came home
- Had so much fun playing all summer in the pool, at the beach and other places
- Peyton turned 2!
- Loved watching the summer olympics
- Almost freaked out when we thought Peyton might have a heart murmor... nothing to it though
- Vacationed in Zion National Park
- Girl's weekend in Palm Springs (Todd girls)
- LOVED the whole holiday season
- Dressed up as pageant people for Halloween
- Gave thanks for the many things, blessing, people, and family we have at Thanksgiving with the Todd family in California
- Wes and the whole Aleman family lost Grandma Jean... she will be missed greatly
- Added another nephew into the family.... Wyatt Daniel Moore
- Peyton loved and finally understood Christmas for the first time... which made it AWESOME!!!
- AND........ best part of our year, we added a new member into our family. Jovie Noel Aleman came on the last day of the year.

We feel so blessed this year. 2012 was another year of memories, fun, trials, learning experiences and life! We are grateful for all our friends and family and especially the Lord and the many blessings we have been given this year!!!!

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