Thursday, January 31, 2013

1 Month Old

Wow! Can you believe it? My sweet baby is 1 month old. I know all I talk about recently is her, but honestly, at this point in MY life all my life is about is my babies. If I am not nursing, I am trying to play and keep Peyton busy... which is a job all in itself. I am desperately trying to establish a new routine, while catch up on sleep during nap time, and keep a small baby happy, fed, dry and loved while taking care of an active 2 1/2 year old. It is a lot of work, but it is so worth it. Thank goodness I have a husband who helps SOOOO much. He comes to my rescue in the early morning hours when I need some relief, he helps all day long and does it happily and lovingly.

Anyway... our 1 month update:

-Jovie sleeps
-She sleeps a lot
-Finally sleeping in her own bed... on her stomach
-Has had a cold for about 1 week now, which makes things hard, and is terribly sad to witness. Full on rattling in her chest, runny nose, and cough. Please people don't go around an infant if you think you might be sick!
-Just starting to make cooing noises and other 'happy' sounds. I am so excited for the next few months and all the fun it will bring!!!
-HATES being undressed and or naked
-Actually enjoys her bath... until she is naked
-Grunts more than cries... though she can wail when she gets going
-Favorite place to sleep is on our chest. Doesn't like to be faced out.
-Loves when I hold her best. I think she knows my smell and what I bring.
-Still is not a great eater. Cluster feeds all evening long though.
-Has slept 5 hours straight the last 3 days. :)
-Okay in the car as long as it moves. Does not like to be in her car seat if it's not moving.
-LOVES the sling, so when we are out, she hangs out in there.
-Likes being outside.
-Tracks us well and is starting to lift and hold her head up more.
-Is a sweetheart... we all just love her to pieces!!!!

I took the girls to have their pictures taken last Friday. Ay yi yi. Jovie wouldn't sleep because she was naked and sick, so we were lucky to get any 'peaceful' photos of her. She had her furrowed brow she has had since birth in almost all of the photos. Some others were hilarious because she was screaming her head off. Peyton for the first time ever was a rascal during photos. She would go cross eyed, pull off her bow, squirm around like crazy, walk like a penguin, tip over, and just was silly in general. If it weren't so funny it would have been infuriating. Needless to say we did not buy any individuals of her this time. Oh well, we will try again at 3 years old. Luckily we got a few great shots that we are very happy with. Notice Peyton is not smiling in these, because her smile was totally goonie that day as well. But, here are my angel babies. I know they are absolutely beautiful and I love them both soooo much!!!!!!!!!!

Jovie at 1 month (almost)
P.S. The fingerprints are from our scanner and a certain little girl, so please disregard.

This is my favorite... I had to take a photo of it because the print I got was too big to scan. But, seriously, it makes my heart melt!!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I want to be the BEST I can....

To live with God again.

P.S. Video taken after nap time. Thus her CRAZY hair.

The Dentist

Peyt's 1st trip. She LOVED it! Came home to show me the treasure she got to pick out of the treasure box. And about how she opened her mouth like a lion. She was also covered in stickers and excited about her Pooh bear toothbrush. Wes said she did awesome and her teeth were great. She even liked the air thing, and got an X-ray!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lemon Pasta with Chicken

I made this meal tonight, because everyone in the family LOVES it!!! I got it from my sister in law Jaime, and this has fast become a family favorite. It is soooo easy, fast, the ingredients are simple, and like I said everyone eats it, even a little 2 year old who doesn't eat much willingly. So, without further ado the recipe:

-1 lb penne pasta (I use rotini a lot too-actually prefer it)
-1 can of chicken (can use tenderloins too 2-6)
-salt and pepper
-3 cloves of garlic
-1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
-3 Tb olive oil
-2 lemons juiced (I use bottled juice to taste)
-1/2 c grated fresh parmesean

These are the actual ingredients, I have played with them and made it a little differently by adding more cheese and different kinds like Asiago, Mazithera, etc all together. (We like a LOT of cheese). I also add more olive oil after to make it a little juicier. (And a little less healthy).

Boil pasta el dente style. Meanwhile, saute the garlic and pepper flakes in oil until slightly browned. Add chicken and pasta and toss with lemon juice and cheese (here you can add extra oil if wanted) add salt and pepper to taste.

That's it. And I promise you won't be disappointed!!! Enjoy!!!

Our leftovers from dinner.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Changing the Rules

I guess because each kid is so different, as a mom I have to parent differently. I am already finding this to be the case and my 2nd child is not even a month old. Peyton was a very easy child and I was able to "parent by the book." I adhered to all the rules so to speak. She nursed well from the beginning, slept great on her back waking every 4 hours to eat, etc, etc, etc.

Jovie girl is a little different and I have found that I am quite different with her. Things I never thought I would do, I do. And things I was so obsessed with the first time, I am not now. Examples? Well, let me explain...

First and I think the biggest is sleeping. I swore #1. that no child would sleep in my bed. Well, lo and behold, every night this week I haven't even attempted Jovie's crib next to the bed and she has just come straight to bed with us. It is easy and she sleeps better, ere go... And #2. I would never be comfortable with my baby sleeping on their belly. Well, in my bed, my baby is sleeping on her tummy- and I'm just fine with it as long as she is sleeping. (Since this post has taken me 4 days to write (didn't save once when I was nearly finished) I have since moved thee small babe to her bed on her belly and she actually sleeps there pretty good). So I will now reserve judgement on parents just trying to keep sane and changing the rules a bit. Plus, to make me feel better I keep reminding myself that when we were babies we all slept on our stomachs and we are just fine.... right? Right?!

Other things include the fact that I am, hmmmm, how would I word this? A little less careful with Jovie than I was with Peyton. I have bumped her into things a few times (nothing big or bad) but with bending over often to help Peyt, and moving quickly to do things, basically caring for a toddler, I find that maybe I am not as overly cautious as I once was. I also don't fret about making sure Jovie "looks like a girl" with bows and pink all the time like I did with Peyton. Our girls are little buddies as babies and that is okay. Looks aren't as important as trying (mostly failing) to get places on time, and just getting places period. Plus most bows dent baby's head and it makes me feel sad and guilty, so unless a whole lot of people will see her, I don't feel like inflicting any unnecessary pain. She is usually the last one I worry about, as she can be taken care of once we get there most of the time. Speaking of that, I also find I have to let her cry a little more instead of rushing to hold her as soon as she squawks because I am trying to do something else that has to be done. So, I have heard a little more crying from this one than I would like... besides, I am sad to say she prefers me to anyone. I can be holding her peacefully and the moment I transfer her to Wes she starts fussing. But, I let him hold her fussing anyway just to shower and get things done. This makes her sound more fussy than she is, because her crying is not a common occurrence really... but it does happen, especially if she is hungry. Have I mentioned that this one still has such a hard time staying awake during feedings, which is difficult. And, I try everything to keep her awake, it doesn't work people. Trust.

Anyway, baby #2 is giving me a new perspective and it has been a real eye opener. I thought I knew what I was doing, and I am finding their is a big learning curve the second time around. So, this should be fun. But, I am also glad to say I feel like I am getting a good feel for 2 kids... well, so far.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Flashback Friday: Sisters

I am really excited for Peyton and Jovie to have one another as they grow up. I found this gem the other day and was reminded of the fun Hayley and I had growing up together. She was my built in best friend. We are 20  months apart, and I will be forever grateful I had her as my sister as a child. She gave me confidence to do things I never would have otherwise, and we did a lot together. We shared a room for most of our childhood, did EFY, children's theater  sports, playing outside, etc. I even threatened to beat up a few kids in elementary and Jr. High for her. You're welcome little sister. :)

and yes... that is my same blanket. :)

Disclaimer: I love all siblings, but Heidi is 5 years older than me, and as children, I was more of a pest to her than friends. It wasn't until I was about 17 that we became close. And we did have fun as adults together... double dating, singles ward, family ward, etc. Danny same thing, not until after he returned from a mission did I really get to know him.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Duck Dynasty... (sort of)

Near our house is a National Cemetery where veterans are buried. Just a few months ago we learned that Wes' grandfather (paternal) is buried there, yet we never knew. So one day last week we decided to go and "find him" and also take Peyton to feed the ducks in the big pond there. 2 birds with 1 stone if you will.

Well, we found him and saw his headstone (too bad we forgot to bring anything, flowers next time we decided) and then headed over to the pond to feed the ducks, geese and other birds.

We started off feeding 1 little duck, which then turned into 2. As we were feeding these 2 ducks an entire group of geese flew (very noisily I might add) over and started loudly demanding bread. They freaked me and Wes out and I kept pulling Peyton back as she tried to feed them up close. I was shocked she wasn't more intimidated.

Come to find out their are signs saying not to feed ducks there, which we found out only when a super nice security guard came over to inform us. To be honest I was ready to leave those aggressive ducks behind us, and it made sense being that people were there for memorials and these were some loud animals! But, it was fun while it lasted.

Monday, January 21, 2013


When Peyton was a baby I was so diligent about updating this bad boy frequently... like most of her milestones were written about day of, if not then next day or so. Poor Jovie is already getting a little shafted... I blame her and her bad sleeping habits though. You brought it on yourself kid. ;) I am a night person and usually do my blogging then and she is really hampering my style. Anywho... I am doing a bit of a catch up post here just to have things that have happened written about. And, to give myself some credit she is barely 3 weeks old today, so really I am not THAT far behind.

AND.... with 2 kids I really haven't "done" a lot. We've gone to a handful of appointments. Jovie weighs about 8lbs 5 oz now. And I forgot her height... whoops. And Peyton weighs 30 lbs (68th%) and about 38 inches (90th %). We've also gone to the grocery store, good ole' Walmart, a few eating places (I still lack the desire, energy what have you to cook and clean) and have seen and played with cousins. I am getting more and more brave and think we will start getting out again here soon.

We went out one night, and one of my friends brought these cute newborn beanies (I think she made them) and since we in Cali had been having an extremely cold season... it came in handy.
Peyton LOVES little sister because she gets to sit in the fun part of the cart now.

Today... 1-21-2013 her yuckster belly button thingy fell off... happy day. Here it is in all it's gory um I mean glory.

She had her first sponge bath on Wednesday January 9th... and just like in the hospital hated every moment of it until I washed her hair. Then it was insta-calming and she seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Once that was done, so was she. Peyton "helped" of course. Peyton actually helps with everything... diapers, blankets, nursing, you get the picture.

Looking pretty tore-up mom, but trying to "be in the picture"
Maybe my other child should be the one getting a bath? Peyton covered in spaghetti sauce.

But, she basically sleeps all. the. time. Just not in her bed. Why?! So, for now, she is my bed buddy and sleeps between Wes and I... that is for a whole other post. And, she is a stomach sleeper... so during the day she naps (fantastically) on her belly... she does pretty good at nights as long as she is on us, or in our bed... even on her back. As I said before she HATES being swaddled... her hands have to be by her face, which is pretty cute. Oh, and she does pretty good sleeping on her side too.
 Lovin' that these cheeks are cute, chubby and super-duper soft.
Don't worry there is much more to come too.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Date Night

As I previously mentioned our anniversary was January 6th... 6 days after Jovie was born. So on our anniversary I was still wearing sweat pants and no bra everyday and the mere thought of going out was not realistic .. other than for must have items and true necessities (like a soda or something). ;)

But, last Monday (almost a week ago now) we decided to celebrate. And boy howdy did we!?! And, it was awesome. Sure we had a stow-away, but that was okay. My parents watched Peyton for us and I got to get ready (for pretty much the first time in 2 weeks).

We stayed true to tradition and first had dinner at Benihana... which NEVER disappoints  We were seated by a lot of nice people who were very understanding and happy about having a cute 2 week old baby at their table.

After some deliberation we went to the movies near my parents house where we double featured The Hobbit and Les Mis. I know what you are thinking... that we are crazy for sitting through 2-3 hour movies back to back... literally. But, the way Wes and I looked at it was we would either be sitting up at home with a baby all night in bed hoping to sleep, or we would be sitting up with a baby enjoying 2 wonderful movies and enjoying ourselves since we wouldn't be sleeping anyway. I think we chose wisely. Plus, we only have a small window where it will be easy to go to a movie with a baby, or really to a movie at all in the next little while. I am not going to lie, a little into the second movie I was happy for the small can of caffeinated soda I had brought with me. ;)

But, needless to say, we had a good time celebrating our love with a night out. And, I think Jovie enjoyed herself too... she was pretty darn good the whole time. Until year 8!!!!

Preparing to leave... Peyton also had a good time with Nana and Boppie. I am sure she drank too much soda, played too many games on the phone and got her way-way too much... but what else are Grandparents for? 

And, our yearly photo... Benihana 2013

Past anniversaries...

A Mother's Heart

Last night my Jovie had a hard time sleeping. So I think it was sometime around the 5 o'clock hour and I had maybe been asleep for about 30 minutes (after our last nursing session) when I heard Peyton crying in her room. This caught both Wes and I off guard because she never wakes up, and never ever wakes up crying. So in a dazed flash I was up and in her room to comfort her. I think she had a bad dream because she kept commenting on a door??? Anyway, I picked her up, sat in the chair and rocked her for a bit. I love when I get her in the middle of the night out of bed because it is rare to cuddle so long with her. (Sometime I get her just because). As I was holding and rocking her she had her eyes closed and asked for "just one little song," which I happily (and sleepily) complied to. As I was singing I stared down at her sweet face and just took my girl in. As I was looking down at her and singing, she opened her eyes and stared back at me. I smiled at her, and she did the sweetest smile I've ever seen back at me. My heart about exploded with love and adoration for that little girl of mine, who looked and felt giant in my arms. I then put her back in bed and laid back down in mine.

As I was laying in my bed tears started streaming down my face, then I was crying pretty good. Wes concerned asked what was the matter. I laughed at myself and explained to him how sweet her smile was, and how my heart was both overflowing with love, and a little with sadness at how big she was getting and how quickly she was growing up.

I was especially grateful I got to hold her last night because I had rushed her bedtime routine to catch the end of a basketball game. I know Wes would have done it in a heartbeat had I hesitated. I was grateful the Lord thought to give me a second chance to just quietly hold my "baby." In quiet moments I realize how truly blessed I am that I get to mother. And, I also realize how quickly children grow. And while I am so anxious to get to sleep for longer intervals, I need to take in every moment I can with each of my children and enjoy the special one-on-one time I am granted with them whenever the chance arises.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lip Syncing

Wes and I had a good laugh over this last night... enjoy.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

In a New York Minute....

Only a baby (or hormonal woman) can go from mildly amused 
 to happy

to elated

to dazed.... wha'????

to gassy

to sad

to asleep
in a matter of 7 seconds.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

That's What She Said

Wes and I take turns putting Peyton down to sleep (nap and bedtime). I was singing to her one night and this was our conversation.
P: I want daddy to sing to me.
M: No, it's my turn to get to sing to you tonight. I like doing it.
P: No, I want my daddy to sing.
M: Sweetheart, daddy got to sing to you at nap time, I get to sing to you now. Okay?
P: ay yi yi

She constantly tells us, "laugh berry hard" when she thinks she has done or said something funny.

She had a cold, which meant constant runny nose. We use that little snot sucker thing to help. Gross right? One night before bed, Wes was sucking out her nose, and as he finished one side, she said, "I like that," and started laughing. Now after ever suck, she says, "I like that."

On our walk last week I forgot something at home, so I sent Wes back to grab it. I had been a little impatient that particular day and he was taking forever (apparently couldn't find it right away). As I was impatiently waiting, I said to Peyton (somewhat jokingly), "What is taking your daddy so long... he is driving me crazy."  She looked up at me and said, "Don't cry Mama, daddy is coming." It was so sweet and quickly put me in check.

Playing with a new play-dough toy she got for Christmas with Wes. First she made "ice cream" but she thought it looked like poop. Then she did it again and started cheering, "Yeea, it's ice-cream!!!!!!! Not poop!!!!"

New phrase is "oh my goodness."

On the way to church Wes put on some classical music. Peyton asked him (as she does with EVERY song) "what is this dada?" Wes told her it was classical music and she attempted to repeat it, saying "classimal." She tried again, and still couldn't say it, and said to Wes, "I can't say that word, hahahahaha, classimal."

Always responds with, "I sure can..."

Another favorite response is, "I'm just fine."

When she does something she knows she probably shouldn't she waves her hand and says, "Oh, but it's ok."

Only in Perris

Does the local Walmart carry these gems........ gnome-homies, aka gnomies.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The 1st Week Home.

Wow! I cannot believe how tired I am! Jovie is a good baby, but Peyton was an exceptional baby. So... I never knew how tired a newborn could make one. I never went without sleep even when Peyt was a newborn. Now, I feel tired almost all the time. I am getting about 2-3 hours of straight sleep now, which is better than the 1-2 I was getting last week. Jovie sleeps all day and is now doing better at nights. The first week she wanted to be held all the time. Most nights I would sleep with her on my chest just to get any sleep... but moms, we all know how that goes right? And after trying about 20 different positions, swaddled, not swaddled, laying flat, laying propped up, etc. I finally found a way she likes and she now will sleep by herself. Hallelujah! She prefers NOT being swaddled, laying wrapped in a soft comfy blanket, and sleeping in the boppie. I just love this little girl so much. She is a doll baby. She only cries when we take off her diaper and use cold wipes, and that's about it. Otherwise she grunts when she is upset and is overall pretty chill. Keeping our fingers crossed that this stays the same and she is like Peyton.

Peyton is awesome with her. We could tell for the first few days home she was a little out of sorts, but that could be from being spoiled by grandparents. Now she is fine again. She loves "little sister" (as she calls her) and always wants to check on her. She talks to her, and tries to comfort her often if she makes any little noise. She is excited to see her in the mornings, has to give her kisses before bed at least twice, and is overall really kind and gentle (though not overly aware of her at all times, which can be a problem). She is also a really good helper to me. 

We came home from the hospital on Tuesday night and had to go to the pediatrician on Wed morning. In the 2 days following her birth she lost 9 ounces... she seriously can't stay awake long enough to eat and was not feeling well in the hospital because she swallowed gunk inside me. She also had a hard time latching, so in the beginning nursing was a challenge. She also had a little jaundice. So, we had to make yet another apt for Friday. Luckily she gained back 4 ounces in those 2 days (milk came in and she finally got eating down, though she still has a hard time staying awake) and her jaundice was not an issue. Besides that we've only gone out of the house a couple of times, and she loves the car seat and driving.

We've had lots of visitors here and as I said before our ward has taken such good care of us this last week. We've not been living real life it seems. We are tired, Christmas decorations are still up, we've let Peyton watch way too much TV, and each day seems like a blur where I wonder what on Earth we've done. Luckily, I feel great, and feel like things are starting to feel a little more normal and with Wes being home with me this transition seems so easy... luckily.

Not in order.... but......
Wes and Jovie. She looks like a cute little ball on his chest.
 In the hospital... day 2
 Meeting baby Wyatt. He was born on 12-3-2012, she was born on 12-31-2012.
She was 3 days old here.
 Day 4
 Father-daughter and Mother-son... though they did switch babes for this picture
 The Sunday before I was scheduled to be induced (the day before) we decided to bring Peyton to the Dr because she was still sick after 2 1/2 weeks. We planned on going to church after, but it took forever.
 Michael came to visit. Day 5
Good big sister Peyton

 Yes, I look how I feel... tired and frumpy.
 Daddy and his girls
 To say Ella is a little obsessed is an understatement. It's really sweet.
 Jovie makes the funniest faces all the time. Sleeping or awake her faces are crazy. Usually if she is awake she has furrowed brows. Peyton's were always raised. We laugh about her faces all the time.
Cute little smile and notice that dimple. Funny place but it is so darling.
 Like I said she always has to watch out for her... this is an early morning picture, thus the ensemble. But, if you look closely you may notice that both girls are smiling. Makes me so happy looking at this photo.
 Peyton was talking to Jovie and reading to her.
 Day 8... lots of lovin' from big sister.