Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tis' the Season

I have been so incredibly humbled this Christmas season. With not a lot of means.... hubby lost a lot of hours this last week and wasn't getting much to begin with, it has been so stressful to think about "things." Luckily we still have real estate going and we have good things coming up soon...phew. And, during Christmas it's not been hard to go without for Wes and I, but my heart kind of broke when I thought about Peyton... even knowing she would not really "get it", the girl only wants candy from Santa. Easy enough. But, as parents we want so badly to make things great, and magical and everything we can for our kids, and I for one was feeling kind of down about it all. Silly when we think about why we celebrate, but shoot, I am human and am not perfect. It has been an easier time to focus on the Savior and we have been having a wonderful season regardless of finances and going places and spending money. That alone has been a real gift to us this year. And, less work hours just mean more time together, right?! When I spoke to Wes about my concerns for Peyton... cried being the more appropriate term I suppose (remember I am 9 months pregnant too), he would assure me that it would all be okay, and good things would happen if we were faithful and diligent. Darn his calm nature. Well, sure enough, we've had a ton of friends come by and many of them with gifts for my daughter. I am not going to lie that as this happens my pride gets a little hurt, but more than that I have been so incredibly touched by their generosity and love for my family. Little did they know that as each of them left my house I've cried like a baby (remember, hormones totally out of whack too). :) We now have more than I could hope for. What a true testament to the true meaning of Christmas. It has not been "the gifts" but the thoughtfulness and love each of these people have shown to me and my family. Many of them not even aware of the stress we have had. I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who puts trials in our lives to make us aware of the goodness we have surrounding us. I am grateful for angel friends who more than I could ever say have blessed our lives and made me a better person because of their example. What a wonderful time of the year to take stock of the things and people who really matter. This year will be one I will absolutely never forget.

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