Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Circle of Life

We've had the ups and downs of life for sure this last week or so. Last Wednesday, Wes' Grandma Jean passed away at the ripe old age of 91. And while death always stings a bit, this passing actually came as a relief because Grandma has been so frail and in bad condition for the longest time. And, in all actuality is was a good time because during the Thanksgiving break when Sandie (my angel mother in law who took care of her everyday) was out of town, many people had the opportunity to come and stay and visit with her. We stayed Sunday night and most of Monday with her. My little Peyton loved Grandma Jean and spoke of her often at home. She loved helping us take care of her and enjoyed playing in her room with her marbles and shells. We would get there and she would check on her and always wanted to at least say hi.
May 2011

The funeral was arranged for Tuesday, and as time would have it, Ashleigh (my sister in law) had her BIG baby on Monday evening at 4:52pm. After a LONG, grueling, painful induction and over an hour of pushing, she had a c-section where Wyatt Daniel Moore made his grand entrance. All 9 lbs 7 oz and 22 inches of him. "Oh hey big baby." Who knew Asheligh's torpedo belly could hold such a big boy?

(We are/were almost exactly 4 weeks apart)

The actual funeral was wonderful. Exactly what a funeral should be. A celebration of a life well lived, with a lot of focus on the the plan of salvation. What happiness comes from living and knowing the gospel?! I felt such comfort knowing Jean was a good woman who did her all and would absolutely be returning to live with our Father in Heaven. They shared the fact the though she couldn't attend church she regularly (weekly) had the sacrament brought to the Aleman home. She would get up, dressed in her Sunday best, put her hair and make-up together (which is saying quite a lot for a woman who hurt to move and walk and do much of anything) and she would wait for them on the front couch. What an example. I cried only once that day, when we came back to the house and her door was closed. Peyton walked by to use the restroom and saw Grandma's door closed, and she quickly looked at me and shushed me saying, "Grandma is still sleeping." It was the only time her door was closed and we wouldn't go in. It broke my heart only because she really loved her so much and sadly does not really "get it" yet, which may also be for the best.
It's been a long week to say the least. Major events have occurred, and again, I am thankful to have a strong testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am thankful to celebrate His life this month, and remember him who saved us all and took from us the pangs of death.

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Heidi Broberg said...

I forgot you had the funeral this week. You have had a BUSY week wow. And you even made it last night. That pic of you and Ash is SO cute too!