Sunday, December 23, 2012

On thee Eve of Christmas Eve.....

A little update (again) of our December. 2 words..... good times. I know Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be crazy. Fun, but crazy. So, I thought I would take a moment and get myself caught up on December events. Then, hopefully, my next update will be about a new baby in the family. Hint.... our baby. ;)

Went to our ward's Christmas party. Originally it was planned as an ugly sweater contest. Apparently, it was changed last minute, only we didn't get the memo. So, Wes was the only guy entered, and really it was about 6 older ladies in "festive" Christmas sweaters and us. So, needless to say, we beat their brains out. (Simpsons quote). Wes won it all, which means we took home, wait for it.... a box of Twinkies. That's right, eat your heart out!
 Asher and Peyton couldn't help but come up with us.
 Peyton tried to get support from the crowd for me by saying this into the microphone... which got quite a few laughs and she was pretty pleased with herself.
 And while she was still a little hesitant of Santa... waving a candy cane in front of the camera got us a little smile.
 Nothing like last year... remember 2011?

Then one night we went out to Rancho with some friends to check out the lights. I have to admit, most things we do I don't even care so much about what we see, I just love the atmosphere, being with friends and in this case walking outside in the crisp cool air. 
 Earlier that same day I met up with my mom and sisters and a few good friends for lunch. And afterward, Hayley, my mom, Sarah, Claire and myself headed over to RCC for a fun production of The Nutcracker. 
 Last week my mom had extra tickets to see the Ontario Reign hockey team... and dang good tickets too. So, we went to dinner and the game with my parentals. And, we had a lot of fun. Although Peyton kept asking where Ryan was. Hayley took her once to Ryan's hockey game and apparently Peyt thought he was as good as the pros. Way to be buddy. ;)
 Last Friday (dumb move on our part) we went to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa. Sadly all the tickets had been distributed by noon that day. But, they had a standby line, and since we were meeting up with our friends the Burkes we decided to wait and see how fast it went until they got there. It went faster than we expected and after only 1.5 hours (sarcastic) we were at the front. Luckily, our friends were running really late so they got there right when we were nearing the front and joined us. So honestly, it all worked out wonderfully. And, while either myself or Wes waited in line the other took Peyton to make crafts, ride the merry-go-round and walk around. She was so good the entire time too.
 And (almost sadly) she handled Santa here like a pro too. Again, the idea of candy canes waiting for her was enough to make him seem a little less threatening. But, I do kind of love her last years picture here too... never fails to make me laugh.
And finally... I am about 39 weeks along. That's right, only an estimated 5ish days left. Although, I still hope for the 30th or 31st, which I think would be a fun day to celebrate (plus get a tax return... ching ching). 
Things look good so far. My Dr. was concerned because I was measuring small (like around 35 weeks) so he sent me in for an ultra sound last Friday. I went in and instantly the girl made me feel at ease. She right away says, "oh your baby is good and healthy." After measuring she said she estimated the weight at 7lbs 14 oz  (this baby if she is correct, would already be bigger than Peyton) and she also made sure to show us "the good sized head" the baby had. Must be a Todd child. Plus, again she said she could tell us what we were having, and this time was the most tempting time for me by far. We again tried to peek but all we have is our own speculations. According to all the measurements I measure anywhere between 37-39 weeks, and all is looking good. I have my next apt Wed when my Dr. will do my cervix check and everything. I can already tell you, in the last week or so I have dropped pretty good. And my pelvic bone hurts like nobody's business. Oy!!!!!!! If it weren't for the pain down yonder, I would be pretty happy all things considered, but that alone makes me want this baby out. By night most days I am done and hurting. Plus, I have a very very anxious 2 year old. And, I can even say I have done a little nesting and am ALMOST ready for this baby. Though I still def. need things like newborn diapers and wipes and things. Someone tell me how it is already the end of December again?!

And with that, I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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