Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Time: That's What She Said

One day before bed I sang "Silent Night" to Peyton. Conversation that followed:
P: In peace, Mama?
M: Yes, in peace.
P: What's peace?
M: It's a calm, good, feeling you get. It can be quiet but it comes when you are happy and doing the right thing.
P: Thinking a bit. No, Mama. We eat peace for dinner. Remember?
M: No child those are peas.
P: No Mama, it IS peace.
M: Ok

In the middle of the Christmas concert at our stakes creche festival my phone made the loud "Droid" announcement. In which Peyton quickly followed up with her equally loud but far funnier "Droid" imitation.

Today I was talking about Christmas Eve. Peyton was insistent that it was Christmas teeth. Try as I might to change her mind, it just wasn't going to happen. So this year we are celebrating Christmas Teeth on Dec. 24th.

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