Sunday, November 25, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

A few weekends ago a longtime family friend of the Aleman clan was getting married in Vegas so we being the hardcore party animals we are decided to make the trip out.

We left Saturday morning to go to the ceremony and of course hit traffic. But, not just any traffic, a major fatality accident. Apparently (and according to radio traffic) they had to medivac someone by helicopter out so they closed down the entire freeway. We were stuck in dead stop traffic for over 2 hours. We did try a back-route on a dirt road, but ended up having to turn around and wait to get back on the freeway in a long ole' line. Only good thing about that detour was Peyton had to go potty so we were able to find a deserted spot on the dirt road to let her go... and it wasn't #1 people. Good old Peyton, always good for comedic relief. Luckily, she did wonderfully the entire time, because I would have felt badly for Fred and Sandie had she been anything other than her wonderful little self. And we just kept reminding ourselves how blessed we were it wasn't us who were injured.

So, we missed the ceremony but made it for the reception. AND.... we had a blast. Peyton and Wes did a little dancing. The venue was very nice. We toasted the couple (Heather and Matt) with our cider. Had fun in their little photo booth and enjoyed not only Shaun, Fred and Sandie's company but old friends too. Wes doesn't get to see his best pal Jason very often, so it's nice when he can. The only downside is and was being 8 months pregnant on a VERY long car ride hurts the body, so I was not feeling spectacular most of the night.

After the reception we headed up to St. George where we spent the rest of Sunday and most of Monday. We went to church with Grandpa Gubler, who Peyton still tells me she misses occasionally  And, had a wonderful dinner and conversation with Sandie's sister Lynn and her husband, Ron that evening. Peyton enjoyed playing with their box of toys and disguises most of the night.

Luckily our ride home was easy breezy  It is hard to stay such a short time with so much fun to be had up there, but we are lucky we were able to go and enjoy the time we did.

Heather the bride. Her family was neighbors with the Alemans for forever. Her brother Jason and Wes were best friends growing up. In fact we have photos of Sandie pregnant with Wes and little Jason in the background.
Wes and Jason being... well, their 15 year old selves apparently. In case you can't read it, Jason's sign in the 2nd photo says, "I'm with stupid." Boys.
Shaun, Wes, Peyton and myself. 
And finally me and my guy. I love weddings because I always think about how happy I am to be married to the man that I am married to. He kinda makes swoon. :)
Peyton was quite the bell of the ball. She kept watching the girls dance from where we were sitting. So, Wes took her to the side of the dance floor to dance a while. She would watch the girls and copy what they were doing very seriously. Finally, the girl in the black and white dress and big curly hair looked at her and waved her over, Peyton didn't even hesitate. She ditched Wes so fast to go dance with these girls and they were all so nice and cute with her. 
 Then Grammy came out and she was so happy to dance with her. It was such a fun night and I am glad we had family to enjoy it with.
 This is how we found Peyton after dinner on Sunday. We adults ate and talked in the kitchen and when Wes went to the front room to check on Peyt she had "disguised" herself and kept looking in a mirror at what she looked like. Silly thing and she knows it.

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