Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

We intend on making Peyton a world renown golfer.... so with that said, we have been spending about once a week at a nearby golf course "practicing". Wes actually practices while Peyton plays for a while like so.....
 But, we usually end up walking around and exploring. Like so......
Seriously, she is so happy out there. Look at the dirt on her fingers and knees. And she couldn't stop talking about mushrooms for days after.
 I'm a fan of the sport because it is something we can all do together. It allows us to enjoy time outside and it's beautiful. And, hopefully like Wes, she will grow to love the sport and continue to do it with him into her adult years. Wes, his brothers, and dad still enjoy their time golfing together. A few weeks ago they enjoyed Oak Quarry, and still have some more golf to do thanks to Costco and their awesome golf certificates from last Christmas.

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