Monday, November 5, 2012

Lots, and Lots AND LOTS of Halloween!!!!!!!!!

Holy moly Halloween has come and gone! So, besides the murder mystery dinner and pumpkin patch we also did a little playgroup Halloween party with some friends, our ward's trunk-or-treat, we carved a pumpkin for FHE (yes only 1), of course went trick or treating with cousins and friends on Halloween night, and then even did a family Halloween party Sunday with Wes' family. So, we got our holidays worth of fun for sure. And, I love it. I am one of those people who loves any and all reasons to celebrate and party. I love all holidays, I love all b-days, anniversary's, you name it. Gimme a reason to do something fun and I will embrace it!!!!! Halloween is no exception. Obviously I don't do the skanky or scary Halloween, unless Wes' teeth this year and my "midriff" showing constitute as scary and skanky. But, with Peyton being a little older we had so much dang fun this year. I love having a fun little toddler and she is such a super good sport with everything.

And, this is going to be quite a long, photo filled post.

FIRST: Our playgroup party at the church. I actually put myself in charge, and was a little worried. However, an awesome group of moms (dads and aunts) all stepped up and helped so much, it ended wonderfully and was so not as stressful as I thought it would be, in fact I had so much help I didn't feel like I had to do much more than hassle people with tons of reminder emails and Facebook posts. :) We did a potluck, games, cake walk, and costumes. I decided to let Peyton look cute once this season, and I already had this dress for dress-up so it was perfect. Plus, she is the cutest Dorothy I have EVER seen. I kinda wanna eat her face off. Love this girl sooooo much!
She had no idea who Dorothy was so I showed her our DVD case. However, when I showed it to her she instantly wanted to be the witch. I told her I didn't have the costume, so then she said she would like to be the lion, again I told her I didn't have that costume and baby Tate would be the lion, so then she wanted to be the robot. Oye vey!!!!!!!!!!
SECOND: Our ward's trunk-or-treat. We love going there and it is usually the only place we even get to dress up so we take advantage. This year I had to utilize the fact I have a big belly, and Wes got this awful hat at a golf tournament, so we decided to go cheap, easy and trashy. We only bought wigs and teeth, sadly we had everything else... oh, and I did buy iron-on letters, I am NOT really a pageant mom in case you were wondering. We told Peyton she was Honey Boo Boo which she loved saying, but really we were just a pageant family. I couldn't chin up enough to be Boo Boo's mama. Wes looked really.... hmmmmm... how do I say, awful.
Peyton loved walking around showing off her costume, with her "curly hair: which she looked forward to wearing for a while. And, the cotton candy was a big hit too. Plus, it is the best having Asher and Ella around, because Peyton follows those 2 around like a puppy so she is happy walking after them and becomes like a big girl who doesn't need me around.
And sadly, these are the best I got of her trunk-or-treating because I forgot the flash and these stink. But, she loved saying trick-or-treat and thank you. Have I mentioned how much I adore this girl?!
THIRD: The Tuesday before Halloween we carved our pumpkin. Peyton helped me design our pumpkin. I asked what shapes to use for everything, eyes, nose, how many teeth, etc. and then I drew it. After Wes did the carving... someone had to take photos right?

Once we had it open she was okay getting down and dirty as long as she had the spoon to aid her. The moment we asked her to use her hands she wanted NOTHING to do with it. She said it was silly, slimey and yucky and did NOT want to touch it. Rather she played with a catepillar she found, then chased the neighbors cat around the yard and visited the neighbors yard and Halloween decorations, which has been her obsession as of late.

See 'Precious' the cat in the background. He is a nice (yet fickle) cat. He comes to play, but when he is done, he is done. As in he'll nip you to let you know. He's bitten Peyton 3 times and me once, not hard just enough to say, "I'm done." So now Peyton says, "Precious, he loves me. And he bites me." And for some strange reason she still wants to play with him EVERYDAY.
FOURTH: Halloween night. I wish you could hear Peyton sing the 2 Halloween songs she knows, she is so cute and quiet, and hilarious. I can't even begin to explain how excited she was to trick-or-treat. She cried when we got home to get ready for the party because she just wanted to start already. We had to get ready really fast but again, she was such a good sport with everything, although the hair bugged her and putting make-up on a 2 year old is not easy. And, I look like, well..... Honey Boo Boo's real mama in this photo but it's the only one I have of the 2 of us this night, so just look at her darling face and finished pumpkin. I am pretty embarrassed of this one, but hey I am almost 8 months along and purposely look nasty so what did I expect? Oh, and I did go into WalMart like this minus the belly hanging out... sadly I don't think most people realized I was even in costume.
All the cousins (minus Tate who was done with photos, and Ryan who went trick-or-treating with some friends who lasted longer than 45 min). They were a hoot together... little riff-raffs.  They seriously sprinted to each house until one by one they burned out.
And some action shots. Peyton did soooo well. She ran up to each house, actually by herself most of the time, was good about saying "Thank you" and would run to the next, sometimes just running by houses. Have I mentioned how this girl LOVES to run, even if she bounces up and down more than forward.
And finally...... our Halloween feast at the Aleman household on Sunday.

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I LOVE your family's clever!! You always have the best ideas. I love that Peyton was totally ok wearing that huge wig, she's awesome! So many fun halloween activities, love it!