Friday, November 30, 2012

A Post of Thanksgiving

So before I let November pass me by (and I still have an hour folks) I need to do at least one post of gratitude.

This year has been a tough one. And I for one am super bad about forgetting the wonderful things I am blessed with, and all the things I have to be grateful for and find myself dwelling on the negative.

But, when I do allow myself a moment to look at my life and see the good, I am overcome with how wonderful life is. I find the times I am happiest is when I am with my family doing simple things. Not when we are spending lots of money or going to exotic places (though I love those times too), but simply when we are together. My little (and extended) family not only bring happiness but true joy. I am lucky to be married to the best, most patient, funny, good looking, talented, kind, and smart man I know. He is honestly my best friend and there is not a soul in the world I enjoy spending time with more than him. It pains me to be away from him, and knowing I get him for eternity is enough to make me giddy. I am grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the purpose I have in this life from knowing who I am, where I come from, what I am doing and where I am going. I am grateful for my home, even if it is in Perris. I truly have come to see Heavenly Father's hand in leading us here, to our home at the time he did. I have wonderful friends here and wonderful memories I couldn't have made anywhere else. I am grateful for one working car. Going a few weeks without it made me all the more grateful for what we have. I am thankful for good spectacular friends who have patience, love and endless generosity towards us. I sincerely can say I feel blessed to have such wonderful friends and they will never understand how much they have done for us and mean to us. There are many MANY people that fit into this category and I hope one day we can repay each and everyone in some way or another. I am grateful to be a mother. I have the most remarkable child and now very soon I will get to experience motherhood on a whole new (and scary) level. It is a blessing to be home everyday with her and to have such a hand in raising her to be the tremendous little person I know she will be. Plus I get to laugh a whole lot hanging out with her. I love to laugh.

I could go on and on and on and focus on all the smaller things in life that are so good, but these are the big things that mean the most to me. I could lose everything and as long as I had my family and the gospel I know I would be alright. For those are the things that matter most, and really only matter.

Happy November and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Bet you thought I would have a wonderful photo from Thanksgiving this year. Jokes on you. I failed to take even one photo of our family. And sadly (but not really) I don't have any recent photos of us at all. I don't know about you other women, but last month of pregnancy photos.... not so flattering.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Is Coming...

So far this has been the best Christmas EVER!!! And it's not even December! I can already see how much fun a 2 year old will make things. For instance, the other day we put up our Christmas decorations, and already this was the best time we've ever had doing it. But, the Christmas tree was the BEST. Ever decoration or ornament she held she would gasp and her hands went onto her cheeks, she was utterly enthralled with the whole thing. Truly excitable if you will. Oh, and since the tree has been up the lights have yet to be turned off... she learned how to plug it in, so try as I might to conserve energy, it just ain't happening. Too bad all of our decorations haven't fared too well. I have a small collection on my kitchen table of things needing to be glued back together. It will be interesting to see what survives children. Ah curious young minds, and hands.

So all before Dec. 1st we've:

Attended the Festival of Trees in Downtown Riverside. Which included crafts, storytime and a visit with Santa, and snacks. It's the first year we've gone and I am all set to make that a yearly tradition. It was a lot of fun! (Oh, and don't mind the first few fuzzy photos, I did not know how to focus the dang phone's camera).

Decorated (for the most part) our house. We still have 1 or 2 things to do inside, and Wes needs to put up the exterior lights. And, of course had a Christmas movie playing with popcorn for when the little one got bored.

And walked around the Shoppes of Chino Hills... which we will have to go to again, because the train we went to ride wasn't running while we were there.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let the Games Begin

Yes folks, it's that time of year again... basketball season is upon us. I know you are all ecstatic about hearing my thoughts on the game again this year. And, wouldn't you know it, Wes has already managed to make it to a Clipper game. No fair, right!? BTW, come on Clips, you can beat all the good teams and then loose against scrubs. Not cool.

Anywho... not only did Wes make it to just any game, but he lucked out and got to go to a Clipper/Heat game. So he got to witness Brawny in person. Lucky dawg.

AND... like I said, the game wasn't even close, the Clips blew right past the Heat. The Heat for goodness sakes, yet they can't beat the Hawks.

Also, who sat directly in front on my hubby you ask? Oh, just Collin Hanks, Tom's son. Like Wes could have ruffled his hair or hat rather had he had the desire. And, the girls next to my hubby were excited to tell their friends they sat next to Bradley Cooper.... true story.

So, here are his awesome photos. I've mentioned this before, but the lighting in the arena make it terribly hard to get good photos of the court and players, even if we do sit 20 feet from the court... bragging moment, please forgive me, but it never gets old.

Brawny and some of the players warming up.
All photos taken on the iPhone as well.
 This one was for me. Wes watches First Look and a lot of ESPN stuff on the NBA. This is a photo of Steven A Smith and his infamous hairline, just for me. Sad I actually know who that is right?
 And Wes and his creepy stalkerish picture of him and Collin Hanks. He said he would have asked for a photo but some other girls had already done that and he acted bugged, so he didn't want to be that guy. Especially since he was a guy alone, had I been there, you know I would've.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

That's What She Said

Most mornings when Peyton wakes up she will first ask where the other parent is. IE: If Wes gets her she always says, "where's mama?" followed by an "Ohhh" when she gets her answer. Then it is almost always followed by a "I had no dreams." or "I went pee-pee, buuuuut, it's okay." Then she will tell us how she doesn't want to go to Elli's party (her stuffed elephant) but she does want to go to Super Grover's party. I don't have any clue where she got that last part from. Then she usually says, "where are we going?" This ritual of questions/answers happens pretty much on the daily, same ones everyday and almost always in this order. And, I never fail to laugh about it.

Peyton has an amazing memory and can remember things from about 6 months ago. Like the fact that there is a trampoline and juggling at daddy's work. We haven't been there in months and months but she remembered the other day when we went to pick him up.

She prays often for our baby. Her prayers are usually the same... I know I better change that habit, but it is a sweet prayer. She says "thank you for daddy, mama, baby and the temple." Then she usually just starts naming toys or books she's played with recently.

Peyton can recognize every letter, and knows the sounds of quite a few too.

If I ask what she wants to eat it is either noodles, or eggs.

She ran up to Wes this morning and said, "I see Santa (as she did spirit fingers) and he bring me candy."

Her favorite game recently is 'jungle' where she just runs around the house yelling "ahhhhh" and naming different animals we have to run from. Snakes, octopus, monkeys, sharks, etc. It originally came from a book called Skull Island, and it usually ends with her finding 'treasure' (candy corn) and wanting some.

She is CONSTANTLY hiding from me and saying, "Mama count 1-2-flea."

In the mornings Peyton will come and lay in bed with Wes and I while we read stories, while we "hatch" if you will. This morning I told her to get in the covers to stay warm, and she said something along the lines of, "Close your eyes you two." She kept referring to us as "you two" the whole morning.

In the evenings Peyton likes to cook with me. She stirs things, bangs pots and pans, etc. Today she kept patting her chest and asking for her "bra". I at first couldn't figure out what she wanted, but I noticed she kept patting her chest. Finally, I figured out she wanted an apron, but was calling it a bra. She kept saying I need my bra like what you have on.

Loves Christmas already. Except she calls it "Kissmas". So she sees Kissmas trees and lights. A few of our neighbors put up their Christmas lights Thanksgiving day. So, when we got home from my parents that night one neighbors lights were on and the next door neighbor had lights up but not on. She instantly got out of the car and asked to go look at the lights. Since it was only 2 houses down I let her walk over and look at them. She was very excited. However, when she got back she pointed to the neighbors house and noticed theirs were NOT turned on. She told me they were off, then stamped her little foot and made a fist and said, "oh, darn it!" I couldn't help laughing really hard at that because she was really quite unhappy they were off. She said it a few more times for laughs afterward, and I genuinely couldn't help but to laugh every time.

Finally... and this may be a little TMI, but to me it is simply hilarious. Yesterday she was going poop with Wes. And as she was in the process (grunts and all) and she looked up at Wes and said, "I like pooping."

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

A few weekends ago a longtime family friend of the Aleman clan was getting married in Vegas so we being the hardcore party animals we are decided to make the trip out.

We left Saturday morning to go to the ceremony and of course hit traffic. But, not just any traffic, a major fatality accident. Apparently (and according to radio traffic) they had to medivac someone by helicopter out so they closed down the entire freeway. We were stuck in dead stop traffic for over 2 hours. We did try a back-route on a dirt road, but ended up having to turn around and wait to get back on the freeway in a long ole' line. Only good thing about that detour was Peyton had to go potty so we were able to find a deserted spot on the dirt road to let her go... and it wasn't #1 people. Good old Peyton, always good for comedic relief. Luckily, she did wonderfully the entire time, because I would have felt badly for Fred and Sandie had she been anything other than her wonderful little self. And we just kept reminding ourselves how blessed we were it wasn't us who were injured.

So, we missed the ceremony but made it for the reception. AND.... we had a blast. Peyton and Wes did a little dancing. The venue was very nice. We toasted the couple (Heather and Matt) with our cider. Had fun in their little photo booth and enjoyed not only Shaun, Fred and Sandie's company but old friends too. Wes doesn't get to see his best pal Jason very often, so it's nice when he can. The only downside is and was being 8 months pregnant on a VERY long car ride hurts the body, so I was not feeling spectacular most of the night.

After the reception we headed up to St. George where we spent the rest of Sunday and most of Monday. We went to church with Grandpa Gubler, who Peyton still tells me she misses occasionally  And, had a wonderful dinner and conversation with Sandie's sister Lynn and her husband, Ron that evening. Peyton enjoyed playing with their box of toys and disguises most of the night.

Luckily our ride home was easy breezy  It is hard to stay such a short time with so much fun to be had up there, but we are lucky we were able to go and enjoy the time we did.

Heather the bride. Her family was neighbors with the Alemans for forever. Her brother Jason and Wes were best friends growing up. In fact we have photos of Sandie pregnant with Wes and little Jason in the background.
Wes and Jason being... well, their 15 year old selves apparently. In case you can't read it, Jason's sign in the 2nd photo says, "I'm with stupid." Boys.
Shaun, Wes, Peyton and myself. 
And finally me and my guy. I love weddings because I always think about how happy I am to be married to the man that I am married to. He kinda makes swoon. :)
Peyton was quite the bell of the ball. She kept watching the girls dance from where we were sitting. So, Wes took her to the side of the dance floor to dance a while. She would watch the girls and copy what they were doing very seriously. Finally, the girl in the black and white dress and big curly hair looked at her and waved her over, Peyton didn't even hesitate. She ditched Wes so fast to go dance with these girls and they were all so nice and cute with her. 
 Then Grammy came out and she was so happy to dance with her. It was such a fun night and I am glad we had family to enjoy it with.
 This is how we found Peyton after dinner on Sunday. We adults ate and talked in the kitchen and when Wes went to the front room to check on Peyt she had "disguised" herself and kept looking in a mirror at what she looked like. Silly thing and she knows it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


I have an admission to make on this blog. I suffer from a very real and very hard illness. It's called "Middle-child Syndrome" also known as MCS. You see even though their are 4 of us kids, I feel like the "real" middle child being the middle girl in the middle of the lineup. And, I definitely suffer from this syndrome more than Heidi for some reason. Because of my illness, I am quite guilt ridden having another child.

Poor Peyton's world is about to be turned upside down, and it truly and honestly stresses me out. In the beginning of this pregnancy I had a few tears feeling so bad about it. Plus, more than once I have felt overcome with guilt over it. Granted I know it is the right thing to do. I know Peyton is going to love having a playmate, and I also know this won't be the only time I do this to our children. However, I worry I won't be able to show enough love to them both. I worry that I will be inadequate at meeting their individual needs, or saying the right thing. I even worry I won't love this second child as much as the first .. though every parent and friend I have says that I need not worry about that. And the closer I get to meeting this little one the less I worry about these things. I haven't stopped worrying about the changes that are sure to occur. Having 2 kids seems absolutely ludicrous to me.

I just have to work through the middle child issues I face I suppose. :) Plus, we all know 3rd children are kinda the best, right?! It didn't help that I was always the "black sheep" in my blonde haired family either.

Now, enjoy this gem.

Monday, November 19, 2012

34 Weeks

I am not overly fond of the picture here, but alas, it is what it is. And, so I have roughly 6 weeks of this pregnancy left. Hooray. I must admit, this pregnancy is a world different than Peyton's. All things considered, I have still not had any nausea or sickness, I am not even 1/4 as swollen as I was at this point last time, I am still pretty active, I sleep good, and am not overly big... I think pretty normal really. But, my back hurts a lot more, I have weird aches and pains I didn't experience last time, the um, "pelvic" pain is back, and overall I am just not as comfortable as I was being pregnant with my girl, or else I have simply forgotten, which could easily be the case as well. So, while I know I can't  and won't really complain compared to most women (in fact I can still exercise on most days) I have to admit I am looking forward to this ending a lot more this time. Could be the 2 year old I am chasing around most of the day, but she is awesome and helpful too. With that said, I would not trade the experience of feeling this baby move and groove and grow inside of me for anything. I love being looked at as a prego mama, and I love this opportunity. I look forward to more chances to do it in fact.

Other funny facts. I haven't bought, thought about, or done 1 thing to prepare for this baby. I guess sooner or later I will have to worry about a crib or at least some sort of bed. I will have to buy diapers and get out the newborn stuff that is stored away. I am DEAD SERIOUS when I say not 1 single thing. I have friends and family who are probably freaking out for me right now.

Names. Well, Wes and I, who have a pretty dang good relationship, arguments few and far in between, etc. decided we would stop even discussing names because there was just too much animosity surrounding it. :) So, we now decided we would wait and see baby, see which of the sex names need to be argued about and go from there. So, yes, there are definitively some top runners for both boys and girls names, but I want to see if I can convince my hubby to go my way. So, no, we don't have names picked out and won't until the hospital. If you were bugged we were waiting to find out what we were having I assume you will be even more bugged now.

Me in my 34 week glory.
And my goodness, is Peyton just not the cutest. I know I say it probably too much, but man she is as sweet, kind, caring, and funny as she is cute. This girl is one of a kind. I seriously can't believe how lucky I am to have gotten her. I wish everyone could know this girl, because she is absolutely spectacular in every way.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

I mean... it had to be in at least the sixties. : / But the way Peyton was acting, shivering and shaking, you would think we were living in the snow.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Jurupa Cultural Center

I don't know about you but I have always wondered why the devil there is a large Mammoth on the hill as you drive through Riverside on the 60 frwy. Peyton doesn't really care why it's there, she just looks forward to waving and talking to it each time we drive through. Well, a few years ago my parents moved all of 5 minutes away from said mammoth and so we see it up close lots and lots. A few Saturdays ago we decided to spend a nice, beautiful, warm day outside exploring the area, which included the Jurupa Cultural Center, mammoth and all. On our way to my mom's house (who we asked to join us) we got a call from the Brobergs who decided to join us as well. The more the merrier, right? Sadly, the center wanted to charge $8 for a "tour".... per person... I think not. So, we just.... uh hmmm... explored. We got close to Eddie the elephant, Peyton's best friend, but were stopped by "the man" before we could get all the way up. Too bad, right?! But, the kids LOVED running up to all the dinosaurs along the walk. And, they had a nice little museum full of rocks, dinosaur bones, fossils, etc. So, it was exactly what we were hoping for... a nice day outside, even if we didn't get in the hike we hoped for. And, I still don't see how they could expect to charge $8 for that, what is this, the La Brea Tar Pits?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

We intend on making Peyton a world renown golfer.... so with that said, we have been spending about once a week at a nearby golf course "practicing". Wes actually practices while Peyton plays for a while like so.....
 But, we usually end up walking around and exploring. Like so......
Seriously, she is so happy out there. Look at the dirt on her fingers and knees. And she couldn't stop talking about mushrooms for days after.
 I'm a fan of the sport because it is something we can all do together. It allows us to enjoy time outside and it's beautiful. And, hopefully like Wes, she will grow to love the sport and continue to do it with him into her adult years. Wes, his brothers, and dad still enjoy their time golfing together. A few weeks ago they enjoyed Oak Quarry, and still have some more golf to do thanks to Costco and their awesome golf certificates from last Christmas.

Friday, November 9, 2012

The Quest..... A Thought

This is definitely a must eat....

I also need to go to Slater's 50/50 Burger in Anaheim. Famous for their 50% ground bacon and 50% ground beef on their burgers. Right?!

And, Eureka in Redlands. 

So..... who's game?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Things I recently learned....

1. I'm pretty sure Wes uses subliminal messages to get our child to adore him. At night I've often found him holding our sleeping baby and whispering how much he loves her over and over. 

2. Children are sponges. I have 1 two year old who takes in everything she sees and hears and later repeats them over and over. And I have one fetus who is literally sucking the life out of me.... like a sponge. Or a parasite.

3. The world won't end even though the presidential election didn't go our way. 

4. Trials are tough but make us better people. There is no giving up in this life, so we better endure and be grateful it's not worse. 

5. Cars are the WORST! I am going to invent a car that gets better the longer you drive it. Have I mentioned how sucky cars are? :)

6. I love my husband. He is my best friend and greatest confident.

7. I love October-December... it's definitely my favorite time of the year.

8. Perris kinda sucks, but I am grateful we came here and don't regret it for one second.

9. I might be the only pregnant lady who kinda hopes to be a few days overdue rather than the other way around.

10. I am super excited about the Clippers this year.

11. Being outside makes me happy. So does the rain.

12. I miss Disneyland. BUT, they are so ridiculously priced.

And now for some random photos. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lots, and Lots AND LOTS of Halloween!!!!!!!!!

Holy moly Halloween has come and gone! So, besides the murder mystery dinner and pumpkin patch we also did a little playgroup Halloween party with some friends, our ward's trunk-or-treat, we carved a pumpkin for FHE (yes only 1), of course went trick or treating with cousins and friends on Halloween night, and then even did a family Halloween party Sunday with Wes' family. So, we got our holidays worth of fun for sure. And, I love it. I am one of those people who loves any and all reasons to celebrate and party. I love all holidays, I love all b-days, anniversary's, you name it. Gimme a reason to do something fun and I will embrace it!!!!! Halloween is no exception. Obviously I don't do the skanky or scary Halloween, unless Wes' teeth this year and my "midriff" showing constitute as scary and skanky. But, with Peyton being a little older we had so much dang fun this year. I love having a fun little toddler and she is such a super good sport with everything.

And, this is going to be quite a long, photo filled post.

FIRST: Our playgroup party at the church. I actually put myself in charge, and was a little worried. However, an awesome group of moms (dads and aunts) all stepped up and helped so much, it ended wonderfully and was so not as stressful as I thought it would be, in fact I had so much help I didn't feel like I had to do much more than hassle people with tons of reminder emails and Facebook posts. :) We did a potluck, games, cake walk, and costumes. I decided to let Peyton look cute once this season, and I already had this dress for dress-up so it was perfect. Plus, she is the cutest Dorothy I have EVER seen. I kinda wanna eat her face off. Love this girl sooooo much!
She had no idea who Dorothy was so I showed her our DVD case. However, when I showed it to her she instantly wanted to be the witch. I told her I didn't have the costume, so then she said she would like to be the lion, again I told her I didn't have that costume and baby Tate would be the lion, so then she wanted to be the robot. Oye vey!!!!!!!!!!
SECOND: Our ward's trunk-or-treat. We love going there and it is usually the only place we even get to dress up so we take advantage. This year I had to utilize the fact I have a big belly, and Wes got this awful hat at a golf tournament, so we decided to go cheap, easy and trashy. We only bought wigs and teeth, sadly we had everything else... oh, and I did buy iron-on letters, I am NOT really a pageant mom in case you were wondering. We told Peyton she was Honey Boo Boo which she loved saying, but really we were just a pageant family. I couldn't chin up enough to be Boo Boo's mama. Wes looked really.... hmmmmm... how do I say, awful.
Peyton loved walking around showing off her costume, with her "curly hair: which she looked forward to wearing for a while. And, the cotton candy was a big hit too. Plus, it is the best having Asher and Ella around, because Peyton follows those 2 around like a puppy so she is happy walking after them and becomes like a big girl who doesn't need me around.
And sadly, these are the best I got of her trunk-or-treating because I forgot the flash and these stink. But, she loved saying trick-or-treat and thank you. Have I mentioned how much I adore this girl?!
THIRD: The Tuesday before Halloween we carved our pumpkin. Peyton helped me design our pumpkin. I asked what shapes to use for everything, eyes, nose, how many teeth, etc. and then I drew it. After Wes did the carving... someone had to take photos right?

Once we had it open she was okay getting down and dirty as long as she had the spoon to aid her. The moment we asked her to use her hands she wanted NOTHING to do with it. She said it was silly, slimey and yucky and did NOT want to touch it. Rather she played with a catepillar she found, then chased the neighbors cat around the yard and visited the neighbors yard and Halloween decorations, which has been her obsession as of late.

See 'Precious' the cat in the background. He is a nice (yet fickle) cat. He comes to play, but when he is done, he is done. As in he'll nip you to let you know. He's bitten Peyton 3 times and me once, not hard just enough to say, "I'm done." So now Peyton says, "Precious, he loves me. And he bites me." And for some strange reason she still wants to play with him EVERYDAY.
FOURTH: Halloween night. I wish you could hear Peyton sing the 2 Halloween songs she knows, she is so cute and quiet, and hilarious. I can't even begin to explain how excited she was to trick-or-treat. She cried when we got home to get ready for the party because she just wanted to start already. We had to get ready really fast but again, she was such a good sport with everything, although the hair bugged her and putting make-up on a 2 year old is not easy. And, I look like, well..... Honey Boo Boo's real mama in this photo but it's the only one I have of the 2 of us this night, so just look at her darling face and finished pumpkin. I am pretty embarrassed of this one, but hey I am almost 8 months along and purposely look nasty so what did I expect? Oh, and I did go into WalMart like this minus the belly hanging out... sadly I don't think most people realized I was even in costume.
All the cousins (minus Tate who was done with photos, and Ryan who went trick-or-treating with some friends who lasted longer than 45 min). They were a hoot together... little riff-raffs.  They seriously sprinted to each house until one by one they burned out.
And some action shots. Peyton did soooo well. She ran up to each house, actually by herself most of the time, was good about saying "Thank you" and would run to the next, sometimes just running by houses. Have I mentioned how this girl LOVES to run, even if she bounces up and down more than forward.
And finally...... our Halloween feast at the Aleman household on Sunday.