Friday, October 5, 2012

Wedding Crashers

Yes, don't judge us, but the title of this post is dead serious. We totally wedding crashed a few weekends ago. And lemme tell ya, it was awesome. Okay, so it's not as bad as it sounds, but we did really do it.

Ashleigh and Andy have a good friend who was getting married, and he happened to have his reception at a friend's garage/diner/barn or whatever you would call it that Andy helped build. They have been telling us about it for years but we have never gone. Somehow they convinced us to show up to see the place assuring us it wouldn't matter. Wes and I figured we could go, bypass the reception line and blend in. Little did we know it was a really, really small reception and blending in wouldn't be so easy. In fact the bride and groom sat at our table to eat. So, we had no other option than to out ourselves. So upon introduction to the bride (luckily we had met the groom once before) we told Peyton to introduce herself as, "hi, I'm Peyton, we are wedding crashers." Everyone got a good laugh out of that. And, we did try to make up for it by staying late and help take down chairs and tables. I say we but I really mean Wes. :)

But, it was so worth it. The place was incredible. The guy who built it (Andy's car friend) had like 30 classic restored cars out and displayed (all his), fake storefronts with his wife's Barbie display. She has the 1st Barbie and almost one from every year after. They also built an old fashioned diner out front, which is awesome and can actually be utilized. They have an amazing garden and neat property. The owner is also currently building himself a true man cave on the 2nd floor, which we got to tour. We were so happy we went. And trust when I say the photos just don't do it justice. Also trust when I say the embarrassment of having to admit guilt to being a wedding crasher was totally worth the good BBQ hamburgers and sides, the fun chocolate mustache and lips we got and just being there in general.

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The Hull Family said...

Oh my goodness that place looks AMAZING! Totally worth crashing a wedding to see (which is hilarious by the way!) Is it possible that I've seen this place on TV before? I swear it looks familiar.