Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spooky Story

My mom and I did a 5k for Alzheimer's this last weekend. Her work was one of the main companies putting the whole thing together, and since my mom is kind of a big deal, she needed/wanted to be there. And since I was to be a golf widow all morning, I decided the night before that I would join her. Plus, the plan was to walk it, so don't get any funny ideas that I am actually in any shape to run 3 miles.... which I am not.

Back to my original story. Well, first I guess I need to say something else. For those who aren't blessed to know my sweet Peyton she has the teeny-tiniest voice when she talks. Most of the time I have to tell her to speak up if I am not looking at her because she is so quiet. I know what you are thinking. How is this possible with me and Wes as parents? The answer is unknown folks... a true mystery if you will.

Okay, back to the story. I had just put Peyton in her stroller and we were walking to the race from the parking lot. Mind you, the stroller had been at our house in the morning, Wes packed it in our car as we left, then transferred it to my mom's car and I had taken it out at the race. As we were walking Peyton kept saying something to me and pointing to her leg. I kept saying "what?" and she repeated it maybe 3-4 times.... 30 seconds to a minute of time elapsed. Finally I bent down next to her to hear what she was saying.

"Mama, a big spider is on my leg," which is why she was pointing. I look down right next to her left leg (and you know what little space is in a stroller of a 2 year old) and there was a HUGE BLACK WIDOW!!!!! It was seriously gigantic.... Mom can I get a witness?! So frantically I attempted to pull her out, but her shoes got stuck and the spider was stuck to her. My mom kinda hit it back down and I got Peyton out, shaky hands and all. I then got a piece of trash from the bottom of the stroller, swooped it onto the ground and stepped on it, smashing huge black widow guts all over the place. It is probably a good thing I deal with black widows in our house on a daily basis, they are all over the place and I have had the discussion with Peyton that we don't touch black spiders. So, being the good calm girl she is (she has no fear of spiders, which I take great pride in since I never freak out anymore when I see them) she calmly told me so I could take care of it. Creepy right?!

Happy Halloween People!!!!


Sarah said...

That's quite the Halloween fright! I'm so glad she was calm and you got it off!

April and Jason said...

I posted the recipes for you on my blog :-) By the way...that story gave me the creeps. Thanks! :-p

Hull Family said...

OK I seriously have the heebie jeebies right now! Good for you (and Peyton) for staying so calm. I would have been FREAKING out!! Scary story!!

Kristin Milius said...

Do you have your house sprayed? Inside and out!!! It's the best $65 ever!!!

Ashley said...

ah!!! i think i'll take our scorpions over black widows!!