Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oak Glen

So remember that one week during the month of October when it was actually cool? Yes, so do I, it was almost like a dream. During that week we took advantage of being outside and wearing fall fashion, which included Peyton's coveted rain boots she has been waiting months to wear.

One Friday for playgroup we decided to do Oak Glen. Lemme explain a little about our "playgroup" first... we come from a small ward, with few children around Peyton's age. Most kids are in pre-school or kindergarten so our playgroup is really, really small. Like most of the time I am at the park alone, unless a kid or 2 comes. But, since I am in charge of it I have figured out how to not worry too much about the lack of people and focus on the positives. First off, I plan it so it is at least convenient for me. Second, for activities that take us away from home I plan it during the time and days Wes is around so that it is at least a family activity.

On the Friday we planned Oak Glen it ended up being me, Peyton and Wes as well as our good friends Kim and Kyler. When we looked at the weather for Oak Glen that day we also noticed that it would be in the low 50s, high 40s. Hallelujah, cool weather.

Sadly we got up there and most everything was closed. But, we still had a good time walking around. We fed some deer, chased the peacocks, ate mini donuts (yummy), and taste tested cider. We planned on picking apples, but Kyler conked out and Peyton was given an apple by a worker there, so we decided to just drive to a park down the street, let the kids play and eat our lunches there. So, all in all, we actually had a really good time and were really glad we went!

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Courtney said...

My ward does "park day" each week but I often end up there alone as well! Maybe I can join your playgroup on occasion?! I am always up for an outing! Lauren can't exactly run and playground play much yet but we like getting out and socializing!