Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Girls Weekend 2012: Palm Springs Take II

We did Palm Springs again this year, but this time with all the girls (Sarah couldn't make it the last time we went). This year we had a lot of fun eating, swimming, water-sliding, laying out, shopping at Target, and talking. It was pretty darn laid back and we didn't do a lot per se, but we did enjoy ourselves none the less. And it is always a good, fun, vacation when it is kid free. ;) Thanks Weston B. for encouraging me to have fun and go and even more for enjoying your time alone with our daughter. I am a lucky lady!!!!!!!!  I do have to say even after a few days away though I miss my family and am so excited to come back home. So until next year....

These are the only 2 photos I have of the weekend. Taken after dinner one night in front of Marilyn Monroe. :) Heidi had surgery on her foot thus the crutches and drugs from the weekend. ;)
AND.... later that night we gorged ourselves on Coldstone. Yea baby!!!

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