Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Honey Boo Boo Child Wishes You.............

A HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh... and the rest of the family does too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Murder at the Jones Wedding.

 A few weeks ago the McCooks were gracious enough to host the wedding reception of Chief Justice Hank Jones and his new bride Karamie Jones (AKA Jill Duncan) at their beautiful home. Sadly, whilst all the guests were there someone murdered good ole' Hank... much to Karamie's dismay. But, at least during this sad affair we were served good food by an excellent butler Fife (Ryan) and also by the maid Lita (Taryn, who in my opinion could do with some manners). ;) There were lots of characters there and the whole night was a blast.

Where we figured out who was the murderer. Taryn did such a good job with the whole evening. The table was set perfectly, and there were lots of little subtle decorations, which I loved.
Ryan and Taryn (AKA Fife and Lita).... Fife was an all around favorite. It was the most helpful Ryan has EVER been. 
 Rich and Kelly (AKA Judge Black and Beatrice DuBois). Kelly won best actress, you should have heard her french accent all night. It was seriously impressive.
 Jill and Paul (AKA Karamie Jones and Ned Baxter). 
Me and Wes (AKA Soya Neville and Humphrey Caine). Wes was the best. He was such a D-bag and I was pretty annoying myself. I don't know if I should be complimented or worried when Jill said I did a good job at my part because her and Paul were so annoyed with my character all night. BTW, I was supposed to be an annoying pre-Madonna.  It was pretty fun actually.
P.S. Holly and Spencer got there a little late, so they didn't have a photo taken.
 Here we are figuring out our parts and how we were going to play everything off.
 More action shots. 

 Paul had the best "reveal" 5 minutes later......
The whole group at the end of the night. 

We have the BEST group of friends and love hanging out with them. Remember our party last year? Equally fun... I know you are all jealous right?! :) We can't thank you enough Taryn (and Ryan) for putting this all together, we honestly had a blast!!!!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oak Glen

So remember that one week during the month of October when it was actually cool? Yes, so do I, it was almost like a dream. During that week we took advantage of being outside and wearing fall fashion, which included Peyton's coveted rain boots she has been waiting months to wear.

One Friday for playgroup we decided to do Oak Glen. Lemme explain a little about our "playgroup" first... we come from a small ward, with few children around Peyton's age. Most kids are in pre-school or kindergarten so our playgroup is really, really small. Like most of the time I am at the park alone, unless a kid or 2 comes. But, since I am in charge of it I have figured out how to not worry too much about the lack of people and focus on the positives. First off, I plan it so it is at least convenient for me. Second, for activities that take us away from home I plan it during the time and days Wes is around so that it is at least a family activity.

On the Friday we planned Oak Glen it ended up being me, Peyton and Wes as well as our good friends Kim and Kyler. When we looked at the weather for Oak Glen that day we also noticed that it would be in the low 50s, high 40s. Hallelujah, cool weather.

Sadly we got up there and most everything was closed. But, we still had a good time walking around. We fed some deer, chased the peacocks, ate mini donuts (yummy), and taste tested cider. We planned on picking apples, but Kyler conked out and Peyton was given an apple by a worker there, so we decided to just drive to a park down the street, let the kids play and eat our lunches there. So, all in all, we actually had a really good time and were really glad we went!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Single Digits

Baby Pineapple should be here in about 9 weeks!!!! Whohooooo! Can you believe I've gone from 40 weeks to 9 weeks in just 31 short weeks?! ;) It's crazy. I am so excited (probably even more so than I was with Peyton because I know what to expect this time). But, with that said, I am a little more nervous too this time around as well, (probably because I know what to expect).

For those who don't follow my witty sense of humor... according to all the email alerts I get baby is about the size of a pineapple this week. BTW, when you Google "pineapple" and look at images, my mom is the first one. Funny eh?! I don't know if that's just Google being clever for me or if it would be like that for everyone.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Or a Professor.........

Today while Wes was at work 2 girls he was training asked if he had a second job acting. Wes was confused. They asked if he only trained or if he did acting on the side too (I wonder who they thought  he looks like? sarcasm). He said he only trained. They explained that he looked like he was an actor......... or a professor.

I seriously couldn't stop laughing when he told me that.

He is seriously going to hate that I added his "modeling" photo. He didn't know this was taken at the time. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Live Oak Pumpkin Patch

Our plans had been to go to the pumpkin patch last Friday with the Brobergs, but last minute we couldn't go. As soon as we made the choice I was annoyed with it. So theeeeeen, we decided we would go to old trusty Cal Poly the next day. Weeeeell, Saturday came and at about 3:30 we were getting ready to go, and as I looked on the website I saw it closed at 5pm. Sooooooooo, after all was said and done we went to the Live Oak Pumpkin Patch (about 20 minutes away) just the 3 1/2 of us. :)

We printed some coupons, got ready and were on our way. Aaaaaaaand, it was wonderful. Thank goodness, because lemme tell ya, it was quite an ordeal for no real particular reason. It just was.

But, we got in for free. Got to pet and feed the animals for free. Took the free "hay" ride (if you can call it that.... there was no hay). But, didn't pick any pumpkins. They were ridiculously expensive. We'll go to good ole' WalMart for that, thank you very much!!! However, just being out in the cool crisp air, and with the harvesty environment all around us, made it so much fun!

I love my family. I love spending good quality time with them. I love all things holiday. I love my man. I love my baby. I love weekends together. I am thankful for the life I have. And am thankful for time together to enjoy the simple things that make us happy. We may not have much, but we have each other. And, for now, that's enough.

 This is a funny sequence. The goats came (and Peyton was being stingy about how much she would hand out)............
 She started to feed them, very s-l-o-w-l--y.............
 This goats decided to take matters into it's own hooves and grabbed the whole cup, dumping it back........
 She got the cup back, empty, and scolded the goat. Wes and I stood back and laughed.

Monday, October 22, 2012

30 Weeks

And feeling pretty darn good this time around.... still I guess. :) Good news during the 2nd pregnancy is that my rings still fit, and my nose is not taking over my face. Oh, and Wes can't make faces on my swollen feet yet.... you know from all the water I was retaining at this point with Peyton. And, baby is moving a lot and enough to see as I look down at my belly. I love that. I will miss this. And, Peyton tells baby numerous times (almost annoyingly a lot) how much she loves baby. It is just annoying because I have to respond repeatedly on behalf of baby.
So.... here's to keeping my slim fingers crossed that the swelling stays at a bare minimum. Please universe.... bare minimum!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Day in the Life Of Peyton

Our Friday in photos.........

Showing off our crafts from "Mommy school"... we learned about 'houses'.
 "Shaving" with daddy. Whenever he shaves, she takes out a basket of lotion, soap, and other bath things and shaves with Wes.
 Playing in her room after nap.
 Family Home Evening on Friday night since Wes works Monday night. We were "booed" so we were making brownies for our treat to leave with others.
 Awesome hair after taking out her "bear ears"... hair comes with that facial expression obviously.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yeee Haaaw!!!!

We were invited to a b-day party of a little girl in our ward the other week and we had a great time. This family does horse ride parties for work so they had 2 small horses there for kids to ride. Ella and Asher were also there, which means I didn't see my girl for a long time. It reminded me yet again of how big and old she is getting. She ran around and played and didn't bother Wes or I pretty much the entire time we were there. It is both wonderful and saddening. Life is getting more and more easy, but I miss having a baby. Well, I only need to miss it for about 2 1/2 more months, then it will start all over again. :)

 And here's one of baby Tate... just because he is so cute.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Spooky Story

My mom and I did a 5k for Alzheimer's this last weekend. Her work was one of the main companies putting the whole thing together, and since my mom is kind of a big deal, she needed/wanted to be there. And since I was to be a golf widow all morning, I decided the night before that I would join her. Plus, the plan was to walk it, so don't get any funny ideas that I am actually in any shape to run 3 miles.... which I am not.

Back to my original story. Well, first I guess I need to say something else. For those who aren't blessed to know my sweet Peyton she has the teeny-tiniest voice when she talks. Most of the time I have to tell her to speak up if I am not looking at her because she is so quiet. I know what you are thinking. How is this possible with me and Wes as parents? The answer is unknown folks... a true mystery if you will.

Okay, back to the story. I had just put Peyton in her stroller and we were walking to the race from the parking lot. Mind you, the stroller had been at our house in the morning, Wes packed it in our car as we left, then transferred it to my mom's car and I had taken it out at the race. As we were walking Peyton kept saying something to me and pointing to her leg. I kept saying "what?" and she repeated it maybe 3-4 times.... 30 seconds to a minute of time elapsed. Finally I bent down next to her to hear what she was saying.

"Mama, a big spider is on my leg," which is why she was pointing. I look down right next to her left leg (and you know what little space is in a stroller of a 2 year old) and there was a HUGE BLACK WIDOW!!!!! It was seriously gigantic.... Mom can I get a witness?! So frantically I attempted to pull her out, but her shoes got stuck and the spider was stuck to her. My mom kinda hit it back down and I got Peyton out, shaky hands and all. I then got a piece of trash from the bottom of the stroller, swooped it onto the ground and stepped on it, smashing huge black widow guts all over the place. It is probably a good thing I deal with black widows in our house on a daily basis, they are all over the place and I have had the discussion with Peyton that we don't touch black spiders. So, being the good calm girl she is (she has no fear of spiders, which I take great pride in since I never freak out anymore when I see them) she calmly told me so I could take care of it. Creepy right?!

Happy Halloween People!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


A few weeks ago Peyton started getting little bumps all over her right arm. At first I thought they were just mosquito bites, but then she got more, and then she got more on her legs and they looked weird. All of this happened over about 2-3 days too. They were very red and she said they were NOT itchy. So, then the whole thing just seemed bizarre.

I met up with Sarah and showed her (again, aren't you jealous I get my own private nurse, and soon to be 2 with Hayley?) and she too said they weren't mosquito bites and did look weird. I knew I had plans to see baby Tate and numerous other kids for playgroup, etc. and thought for the safety of everyone I better get them checked out. Plus, I Web-MD her and it looked like it could be chickenpox.

Welp, the Dr. took one look and ruled out chickenpox or any other virus (for a number of reasons). He also said it was some sort of bug bite, but not the common kind. He wasn't sure what it was, but said to lotion her up and keep an eye on them. We had stayed the weekend in Chino with Grandma Jean and had gone on a walk in the horse trail and played in the grass a lot, so I am pretty sure something there got her. But what?!

Happy to report she liked putting on her "special lotion", the bumps didn't seem to bother her one bit, and while she still has slight red marks, they are pretty much all gone now. So, crisis averted. But boy what new adventures await us with more and more children entering our lives?

Here we are waiting at the doctors office. She is showing off "the bumps" or her bumpies as she called them and making silly faces.... just because.