Monday, September 3, 2012


In the middle of August my whole family plus cousins met in Southern Utah at Zion National Park for a weekend of camping. It was both a vacation/mini family reunion. We are hoping to keep doing this every year but hope to get a larger group site and include more family in the future because we had such a good time.
My cousin  (in the Salt Lake area) is a great photographer and he took some of these fabulous scenic photos.

There were lots of kids and adults and it was easy to separate and do lots of different activities while we were there. Some adults did long hikes, we did a couple of small hikes where the men carried babies on their backs (6 children in backpacks make for a funny sight) and a few other hikes they could walk. For instance Peyton walked the entire hike of Weeping Rock on her own. You go girl! But, boy it was hot, so we did a lot of swimming, and even got some ice-cream at the lodge on the nice cool grass in the shade. Heaven!

Some favorites of the weekend was the amazing meteor shower we were able to witness. And, I seriously mean AMAZING. The best shooting stars I have ever seen or could ever imagine. And, the twilight (all downhill) bike ride we took down the bike path. It was the best! We shuttled up to the top, then cruised downhill and really got to enjoy the wonderful scenery, wildlife, breeze, etc.... Wes and I agreed that this was both our favorite thing we did. We were also able to experience the summer storm pretty much on the daily, which was awesome! Except when we were away from the campground and left our windows open on our tent and it flooded... luckily we hadn't set anything up and it was an easy clean. We also loved the nice swimming hole we frequented, and it was a blast introducing Peyton to the wonderful world of camping. She loved it, and still gets excited when she sees tents (real or fake)!

Sadly, like I have mentioned we have no camera at the time, and Wes wisely left his good camera behind when we ran the risk of getting wet or messing it up, so I was at the mercy of those with a camera. So........ I lacked getting photos of the weekend in spite of the good time we had.

Enjoy what I have.............

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