Saturday, September 29, 2012

That's What She Said....

Me: I love you so much Pey.
P: I love you too.
Wes: I love you too Peyton.
P: Ok :)

Peyton pinched her finger in a toy (not hard, but hard enough for tears) so I held her and kissed her hand (which is a must when we have an owie). As she was crying she said, pointing to her candy, "I need a jelly bean (skittle), then I'll be happy."

She also puts herself on time out often in the day, and when she comes back she will say, "I be happy now." With a big smile. Anytime we just need to gather ourselves, I will simple ask her to sit down in time out (the other room) and come back when she is ready. She will instantly walk over, fold her arms, wait about 15 seconds then walk back happily.

I had a hard day one afternoon and kinda lost it. As I was crying Peyton came over and put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then very excitedly she said, "You happy now." Which indeed made me smile through tears. I was very grateful for her at that moment.

Peyton talks to every doll, puppet, sticker on the finger, and even pop-up in books. We have a scary pop-up book (Halloween) and I try to scare her with it (in fun). Rather she always says, "Hi, whatcha doin?" Then instead of hissing (snake), chomping (shark), etc. I have to answer, then say bye from them as I change the page.

Counts: 1-2-flea....... up until 13 then it gets a little jumbled. And 3 makes me laugh every time. It's one of those things I should correct but I love so much I don't think I will just yet.

Always says "Sorry" when she gets hurt. Then comes the tears. Poor thing, it looks like we beat her or something. Falls on her head, says sorry, then cries. Go figure.

Called Grandpa Gubler a "nice man" the other day out of nowhere. It was pretty cute and funny.

We helped take care of Grandma Jean the other weekend while Fred and Sandie were in Utah with Grandpa Gubler and I was making Grandma some soup. Peyton loves to help, so she helped me carry food to Grandma to eat at every meal. As she walked over she very animatedly said, "Grandma Jean I made you soup!" It was darling.

In the car she asked me for some water. I told her I didn't have any and I would get her some when we got home. Instead she said, "it's okay, I'll drink some of your sodee then." Whoops.

She often grabs legs while we wipe her on the toilet. She almost always grabs Wes' and hugs his legs for a long time. The last few times it been accompanied by a "I like Dada."

Wes was reading to her on the couch this morning. They finished Green Eggs and Ham, and she took the book and said, "That'a a great book," so seriously while setting the book to the side.

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