Wednesday, September 5, 2012


One of Peyton's new favorite things to do is collect snails. Yes, live, slimy, gooey, snails. At first I was hesitant. But, then when I thought about it, I thought,"Oh, who cares?" They don't hurt her, they are kinda fun, and it is free entertainment that I can just dump out of her collection bucket after she is done playing. And, what a good time she has with a bucket, a watering can and.... snails. What a funny girl. Anything that moves, she loves, and I do my darndest not to scare her away from any of it. We play with snails, worms, lady bugs, frogs, you name it. If I am pretty sure it won't bite us, it's fair game. :)

And don't mind the mess behind her. We were outside trimming trees and pulling lots of long weeds, while she sat and played with the wildlife (which was a-plenty) and her water table and toys.

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