Monday, September 17, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Isn't it funny how all my pictures are of Peyton with the occasional Wes thrown in? I don't know about you but I am def. the photographer in our family. If I didn't take pictures we wouldn't have any. I mean it. But now that we don't have an actual camera and I have to rely on Wes to take all our photos  on his phone, I am constantly reminding him to "get a photo." But, the bad part of that is he is now in charge which means he is always saying,"stand there" when I am holding Peyton. I HATE being in photos (especially now) so I have to apologize that almost all of our photos are of Peyton, but I hope you'll see why. :)

Anywho... let's move onto the WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend we had a few weekends ago. We may have invited ourselves out to Camarillo to spend time with Wes' sister Jaime and her family. And, not only did they allow us to come out and spend time with them they made the weekend really easy on us. Like Matt ended up being out in Palm Springs on Friday so on his way back home he picked up Wes, Peyton and myself and drove us out with him.

And, they kept saying we wouldn't do much, but little did they know they provided as good a vacation as possible with giving us 2 very fun, willing little girls who kept Peyton happy and occupied all weekend long. I don't know about you but having a 2 year old is a lot of work. She constantly wants to  play. Hiding, duck, duck goose, ring around the rosie, running, jumping, teeter-totter, etc. I don't love to play but I love my little girl so I try to do it as much as possible, but I get bored far faster than she does and it is more a game of endurance for me. But, Delanie and Brinley didn't feel the same as I did. They played all day long and were so happy to entertain her, so I didn't have to. That in and of itself was so worth being there.

Here are little twinners. Jaime took Peyton and dressed her and Delanie alike. They both loved it and were posing like crazy.

Then little Tug wanted in on the action and they thought this was hilarious too.

They also took us to some fun places to eat, a cute little farm near their house where we could pick berries, feed llamas and goats and chickens, and we went to Carpenteria to spend time at the beach. So, their idea of not doing too much doesn't coincide with mine. ;)

And, yes those goats way up there are real. They would climb up there and hang out.

Peyton just went to town picking and eating berries. I couldn't stop laughing, she was double fisting berries in her mouth and cried when we said we were leaving. She enjoyed this part of the day more than anything I think.

Brinley showing off our beautiful (and delicious blackberries).

Then we headed out to the beach. I am sad I didn't get a good photo but this was after Tyler and Brinley stopped laughing like hyenas, because Tyler drank something and laughed then all the liquid came out of his nose. It was pretty spectacular.

And this little joint rocked. It was a hamburger place right off the beach called Pardios (or something like that, I can't quite remember). But the views were astounding, the food was good, and the ambiance was magical. We ate outside by the fire pit and sand box (for the kids). And, we watched the sun set behind the ocean as we ate. It was seriously so wonderful!!!!

Then, some of the family came out on Sunday for dinner and we ate..... good. Then Fred and Sandie were kind enough to take us home. So, like I said, it was a good, super fun weekend. I think we might make that an annual event.

Monday, actual Labor Day, we cleaned. So fun (insert sarcasm). I still hate cleaning. Truly I do. I wish I didn't but it is just something I can't seem to enjoy. I try so hard to enjoy things like cooking and cleaning, but let's be honest, I would much rather be out and about doing something I think is fun. Pretty much anything that is not cooking or cleaning or laundry. Yuck, laundry. I can't wait to use my children as slave labor as they get older. Kidding. Only because I know how much help teenage children can be. I was once one of those "helpful" kids.

Anywho, Monday evening we ended up meeting my parents at Cafe Rio and going to the temple for family night, even though it was closed and gated off. But, Peyton always talks about the temple and any tall building she sees she would say, "I see the temple," poor little girl had no idea. Now, she talks about Angel Moroni all the time and talks about "her temple" so I am still grateful we went and enjoyed that evening. Simple moments like that really put life into perspective.
I love the temple and the knowledge that Families Can Be Together Forever. It is the most important thing and I love teaching my girl the importance of being there with our family!!!!!

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