Friday, September 14, 2012

Flashback Friday: Girls Weekend 2005

I am preparing for our "annual" girls weekend with my mom and sisters this week. I quote annual because sometimes (like last year) it has been too hard to plan (illnesses, children, births, etc) so it is more of a semi annual event.

However, we have done something most years and we are getting ready to go this year to good ole' Palm Springs. I don't know about you, but packing is the worst. Packing when you are pregnant, have been having terrible hormonal emotional problems, most surrounding yourself, makes packing so much worse. So I have really been putting it off. Thus a flashback Friday post. ;)

Anyways, let's rewind back to 2005 (7 years ago.... crazy right?!). We actually stayed in Hermosa Beach (L.A.) at the Sea Sprite. Awesome. But, we also went and ran the "Run L.A." 5k, which was honestly one of thee most fun races ever. As you run, there are bands you can stop and listen to (which I did) and you end the race by running into the USC Colosseum for a big concert. Too cool. Plus the night before we went to get our stuff for the race and were given "Rockstar" make-overs. No photos, but dang, we looked good!