Monday, September 10, 2012

And It's a..........

Cute baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I had my ultrasound at 22 weeks and am currently 24 weeks along..... 6 months.

We had what for most people is "the big reveal ultrasound." For us, it is fun and important to make sure  the baby is looking good, healthy and has all the correct body parts. They all look good at this point. But, we didn't find out what we are having... it's hard to withstand at that point especially. We make it very clear to the technician that we don't want her to tell us, but we are human and we both try to figure it out the whole time. :) But, how the heck can they even tell what they are looking at? At one point I thought we were looking at the head.... it was the abdomen. hahahahaha

With that said, we both feel it's a boy, but still have no real clue. :) And either way I see it is good. Girl means friend for my Peyt and boy takes away all stress to provide a little dude for Wes.
Bad news (or maybe good news): Baby is measuring small, like a due date of January 6th (our 7th anniversary). Which sucks because it could possibly mean I am bigger than I am far along, which I hate. Plus, my body is having a harder time this time around sadly. I am so achy lately, and to think I am not as far along, kind of stinks. But, to not have a baby on Christmas would be a HUGE perk! I also  originally thought baby would come at the beginning of January  before I had any Dr. apts., and was going off when I believed I had conceived. We really tried and planned for this child so I have a pretty good idea when I think this baby came about. //wink wink//.... so I think this date sounded pretty accurate. Although I still hope for Dec 31st... tax break and a a fun day to celebrate, right? ;)

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Kelsey Crowder said...

so funny if you're due on your 7th anniversary! I'm due a week later (the 15th) which is the day after our 7th anniversary! guess that's one way to keep that 7 year itch at bay ;)